the van

GenevieveWe did it, we got a camper van. Its an old Toyota Hi ace converted to a 5 berth pop top camper, it’s got heaps of rust and we love it.  When Mark got it home we opened it all up and the kids were all over it after a bit of a scrub of the top we went to put it down to realise we couldn’t, why?? because the rust had eated away the bolts that hold the hinge for the top to POP, so now instead of needing to fix up a bit of rust we need to find a conversion specialist  to help fix the hinge. 

Thanks to the cool change last night I slept for 11 hours, it was so nice to go to bed and not sweat through the sheets.  Instead of feeling better for the sleep I felt like I had been on the town all night.  That 11 hours consisted of

1.Getting Will up to go to the toilet

2. Freaking out because the kids were not in the beds they all slept down stairs, but when you are half asleep panic sets in when kids aren’t where they should be.

3. Will waking at 5:48am !!! Mark got up with him so I coould go back to sleep

4. Will climping back into bed via my face

5.all boys bouncing on the bed etc etc

This went on till I admitted defeat and dragged my body down the stairs to lay on the couch only to be jumped on to read Action man.


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