Going out with Will

After a weekend of gorging we had no food left in the house and Mark leaving for work at 7am without leaving money meant one thing…..We would have to catch the underground into his work and meet him at a set time to get some cash.  Kinda sounds easy doesn’t it, well Will had other ideas.

He woke up in a mood this morning, I should have read the warning signs when he refused to walk down the stairs.  Once down there he started screaming that he was hungry but not for anything I offered, this resulted in a tantrum that only stopped when Lazy town started.  By this time the boys were down stairs and playing some kind of shooting game outside, Will took one look at them and just started to scream “you can’t play that game it’s mine”!!!

So dragging him inside and shutting the door so the neighbours don’t complain I told Will that we had to go to daddy’s work to get some money.

After convincing Will that we really wanted to go catch the tube with clothes on I managed to get a t-shirt and trousers on him.  As I walked away ( very smugly I might add) calling out that I was just going to get his shoes, Will replied “I’m not wearing shoes today”  O.K. I thought at least I have most of him covered, but that wasn’t to be, in the 2 minutes I that I was out of the room Will was back to being naked….. he did have a superman cape on though.

Anyway we got him dressed after another 30 min struggle and scream session we left the house.

At the tube station Will decided that he wanted to catch the east bound train even though we needed to go the opposite way.  Wills idea was that we can just make the train go where we want.  Riley piped up with isn’t that Hijacking, Will saw this as the answer and promptly started screaming


What Joy. I was just getting ready to rip of my ears when he just stopped and said ” I’m sorry mummy I stop now”????

By the time we made it to the supermarket Will was in singing mode and sang at the top of his lungs

” I can see your doodle

I can see your wee

I can see your pooh hole

I can see your pooh”

Followed by a  rousing song of

“My mum hasn’t got a Winkie”

I think from now on I’ll be doing on line shopping


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