The Dishwasher

We have a dishwasher, YAY. The Landlord rang and ask if we wanted it, after thinking it over for .2 milliseconds I said

“hmm that would be nice, thanks2

It took  3 guys to get it in the kitchen, I put a plug on it ( who gives a dishwasher away but cuts the plug off )plugged it in filled it up then sat on the floor with a glass of wine and listened to it work.  in less than an hour we had really clean dishes.  It is Logan’s job to clean the kitchen and her dish washing left a lot to be desired. 

I am in love, I love the hum and slosh sounds it makes, and I don’t mind that it interupts the T.V reception, I just imagine my clean dishes.  I could go on for hours but I promised it would just be a little entry to say



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