Kids and hair

This is a story that started almost 14 years ago when I gave birth to a very blond daughter, she was so blond that people remarked at the colour of her hair and hairdressers thought I bleached it.  I swore that I would never ever let her dye her hair.

Fast forward 12 years when after begging and pleading I let her put a wash out colour in her hair. Only this one didn’t wash out, it took hold of her lovely blond hair and thought it would like to hang around.  After allot of bleach we got it back to her colour, but the damage had been done, she had a taste of changing her looks and she liked it !!

A few months ago Logan decided Brown was the colour to be, so off she went to the shop, got the dye and did her hair.  Now being so blond the colour was dark and lustrous…………. until the regrowth started.

From a distance it looked like she was going bald, the sun reflected off her hair giving the impression that her hair part was more to do with a lack of hair than anything else.  So I decided that it’ll be better to go back to blond, notice I said better not easier, that is because I have learnt.

We got a cleanser which we were guaranteed would strip her hair then we could just dye over it a similar blond, the stripper turned her hair a lovely ginger colour, with white roots.  After both of us nearly crying ( me because of the fact I may have to look at this colour for awhile and Logan because I said she looked like Cindy Lauper in the 80’s)  we went our separate ways to mull over the situation. 

An hour passed, by this time a friend and her daughter arrived. Calling Logan down stairs I was greeted with ginger hair with bright red stripes !!! Logan had found the food colouring and used it to hide some of the white roots.  It didn’t look too bad.


The boys took one look at Logan’s hair and took  my reaction as consent.  You can guess that they both dyed their hair, but, did you guess that Riley thought it would be fun to cover his WHOLE body in the red food dye!!! top to toe Riley was red.  My friend sat there with her mouth wide open saying her kids would never have done something like that.  I don’t know if I should have been flattered that my kids are quite imaginative, or offended that my kids are a bit too imaginative for their own good.

By this time I thought  nothing would faze me, how wrong was I.  I went up stairs to get Riley in the shower and my bathroom could only be described as a crime scene, there was red dye everywhere.  There was a pool of it in the bath and it was dripping down the walls ( Riley’s hair is quite long now, so when he flicked his head back dye went everywhere) there was a hang print on the door, and footprints leading up to it, they even got dye on the toilet bowl.

Instead of freaking out about the state of the bathroom I very calmly walked down stairs handed Logan some money and said the only thing I could

” Go to the shop and buy bleach and gloves.  The next person to touch any form of dye or colour will have their head shaved”  I didn’t yell or argue……Which is good for me I have to add.

Now its a week later and I finally got Logan into a hair dressers to have her hair fixed, but they can’t do anything as it will ruin her hair.

Maybe shaving isn’t such a bad option.


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