One of those Days

Today has been one of those days when nothing really gets done but a lot gets planned in your head.  I lay down with Will for his nap and thought of the things the kids want to do

Logan wants to learn the Bass guitar

Erik wants to learn the guitar

Riley wants to go on an archeology dig

and Will wants to stay naked forever

Well at the moment Wills is an easy one.

But getting the kids into music is something I have tried and failed at.  I have spent a fortune on instruments and lessons over the years and still no one can play a song.

they have also been talking about learning another language so I might look at getting a tutor for that but so far they all want to learn a different language. 

Sport is another one, I want them to do something like swimming or trampolining, I would love them to do a circus course but there are non around here.  Erik used to be able to fire twirl( without the fire of course)

So instead we talked about” The Nightmare Before Christmas “and how it would have been made.  I also read one of Riley’s archeology books so I could talk to him about it, one of those out of the blue talks that you try to make look spontaneous but you have really been planning what you are going to say.

Now its nearly dinner time and instaed of cooking Im  sitting here listening to my neighbours set up for a party.  I have a feeling it is going to be a late night.


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