Abscess, ground licking and nakedness

OK It is a weird title but it has been one of those days.

The van is at the mechanics today to get serviced and to find  out what we need to do to get the MOT.  So at 7am this morning instead of Mark dropping Genevieve (Van) and heading to work we were all strapped in for the 2 minute drive to  the mechanics.  Will ( who was naked) decided we were NOT leaving the van there to be fixed and started thrashing around as I tried to put clothes on him.  Mark took one look at the situation and decided the best thing he could do was get on the bus and go to work( Thanks hon, I own you)  I was stuck in the rain trying to get anything on Will.  finally got him dressed and screaming into the pusher, the rain eased up( of course it did because my bum wasn’t hanging out of the van anymore ), Will however didn’t and screamed all the way home.  By this time is was 7:30 am and all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and wait for it to be over.

At home I headed in the opposite direction to Will so I could calm down.  Will headed to the freezer to get an Ice Cream.  As soon as the older kids saw this they charged the freezer only to have Will hold them back screaming


Lazytown has allot to answer for.

I raced into the kitchen before the neighbours came pounding on the door, demanding the child be muzzled, grabbed Will and told the kids to leave it for awhile.  But no, they followed me into the computer room Where I was sitting with Will and started asking him for an Ice Cream ( I have long realised Will rules this house not me or Mark)  Will started screaming

“No you can lick the water of the ground, go on lick it now”

where does he get this from!!!

Everything finally settled down everyone had an Ice Cream, by now it was only 8:30am.

I finally got a chance to call the dentist for Riley’s abscess in his mouth.  We first thought it was an ulcer, but by Sunday morning It looked like a marble was growing above his tooth.  I had nothing to ease the swelling and it being Sunday nothing close was opened so we caught the train into town to the only remedies shop ( that I know of) opened on a Sunday.  We got what we needed and stopped for lunch, all the time watching Riley to make sure he wasn’t getting feverish or in pain.  The Apis Mel has helped with the swelling and infection and today the abscess  was half the size.  After relaying all this to the dentist she looked at the tooth and said it will have to come out, which we knew and had already prepared Riley for, and he will need a course of Antibiotics, this I refused, and thankfully, she was happy with that, once I told her, again, what we were doing to encourage his body to fight the infection.  Riley was then given a big lecture about Dental hygiene.  When the tooth was pulled out there was a tiny brown spot, the tooth hadn’t even eroded.  I said to Riley it was a good thing he brushed and flossed all the time as it could have been allot worse, the dentist was  shocked there wasn’t a big gaping hole there  .I was just happy that it was all over and done with.

I dressed Will before we left the dentists, he was dressed in his bathers  when we left the house but he somehow lost his clothes along the way, and headed back into the rain with me telling Will to leave his clothes on or he’ll get all cold and wet and Will answering back that he doesn’t want his bathers  wet.

So it is now nearly time for me to get dinner started and the count is

Wills still naked

Riley is minus a tooth

the car is still at the mechanics

and I feel that coffee is the only thing to get me through the rest of the day


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