Playing Scrabble

100_1122.JPGThe boys and I played Scrabble last night after Will conked out at 7:30.  WeThe boys had allot of rolling around laughing, about all the rude words they could spell out, After saying adding the letter “A” to the end of a word instead of “ER”( poor becomes poora) for the millionth time Erik decided his time would be better served at the Computer playing games on neopets.  Riley and I trudged on. I wanted to call it quits as the game went like this

“OK Riley I just had my turn it’s your go now”

” Can I look and see if I can get  an E ?”

“No you play the tiles you have or skip your turn and change one tile without looking ”

“OK but if you leave the room and I change my tiles you wont know if I cheated will you?”

“Yes I will and now if I need to leave the room I’m gonna take the tiles with me”

“Even if you go to the toilet?”


“Even if you go have a shower?”

“Riley I am not going to have a shower we are playing a game”

” I was just asking”

“Riley just have your shot or I’m packing the game up”

” allright, allright,  I’m having my shot now……

Hhhhhhmmmmmmm, can you help me ”

“Sure let me look at your tiles”

“OK I’m just going to see what Eddy’s doing, call me when you’ve dome it, make sure it is worth allot.”

All the time using that sweet mummy voice that is meant to get across that you are having such a great time playing, you know the one where the more stressed you get the higher and sweeter your voice becomes, all the while you just want to let rip with huge guttural roar that lets everyone know you have had it

And so it went till the game finished.  By that time I was ready to promise my 3rd born( that means you Riley) to anyone or thing to make the game end.

100_1165.JPGToday Logan had an appointment at a hairdresser that thought he could fix her hair to a dark blond so off we went this morning at 8:30.  Will was not happy about getting dressed to go out and spent several minutes hanging onto the stairs so I couldn’t put a top on him, he threw a huge tantrum at the bus stop because I wouldn’t get him a juice, then another one getting off the bus because someone else pressed the button, then it was back to the juice one.  By the time we got to the hairdresser I was ready to donate him to the charity shop.  BUT, I kept him , and the hairdresser did a great job with Logan’s hair, it is not as blond as she really is but it is better than the orange with read stripes she has had for the last 2 weeks.

100_1162.JPGWhen we got home Erik had made noodles, Will put all his noodles up his nose before he ate them, and has now settled down to watch ” The Nightmare Before Christmas” the boys have gone to the video shop to get another game to play and Im going to sit on the couch and read a new book I just got from Amazon.  We are going to have a few busy days this week so I’m going to relax while I can.



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