Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

001_1187.JPGI have Had 6 books to post off today thanks to the read it swap it website.  I sent Logan down to the shop to buy brown paper to wrap them, and the paper came with twine, twine, How Sound Of Music is that, Brown paper packages tied up with string, how “Olde World” is that.

In Australia we just go down to the post office and get Post it bags, chuck it in and there you go, NO ONE wraps their parcels in Brown paper anymore.  I must say I love it, It is like wrapping Christmas Presents, hoping the recipient will get as much joy out of it that you got buying it.  Knowing that soon I’ll get my own “Present”  from someone that I don’t know across England fills me with tremendous excitement.

That is untill your 3 year old finds the stack of books you have just spent 40 minutes wrapping so the people on the other end will see how much you love and respect these books, finds them and rips them all open only to come to you and say

“All the presents are crappy, you can have them”

The second wrapping will not be as time consuming, I just hope the people on the other end are just grateful they got them in one piece


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  1. LOL at 3yo unwrapping it all – sounds like just the kind of thing that would happen here too!

    I’m enjoying the blog – keep writing 🙂

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