Maths and Macbeth

Yesterday in a fit of hysteria I realised the kids “child led” approach to education, consisted on MSN and the x box.   Neither will help them qualify for a job, college, an intelligent conversation or any conversation that doesn’t involve  a computer screen.

So out the work books came, we do have them left over from a phase when the kids wanted some structure.  The first hour, which should have been 15 minutes, involved Riley writing a sentence using a proper noun, and correct sequencing.  This is easy even for Riley, all his sentences went the same way

“Grandad went to the Golf club and he dies”

Riley is the clown of the group, anything that involves distraction is amusing, Logan and Erik were in fits of laughter.  Not the start I was hoping for.

We discovered that the Maths work books we have are rubbish, they are geared towards revision more-so than teaching.  Out came the textbooks, at first Erik was a bit freaked out as he has never seen a maths text book and I think he thought he would have to do all the work today.  He found it really easy so I might take him up to the next level in the next few days, it does have the basis of Algebra at first so I want him to keep going with it.  These textbooks are great and where recommended by a friend awhile ago.

Then to do something really stupid I left the room to answer the phone, I could hear the laughter getting louder and louder.  When I got in there Logan was standing on the couch reading Macbeth to the boys, if I wasn’t so frustrated as by now I had been at it with them for 3 hours I would have laughed instead I just rolled my eyes and made a coffee.

All this time Will, who was dressed as sportacus was running around saying

“Quick someones in trouble”

Then he’d dash out the room.

I got 4 of the books I swapped so I am waiting for another 4 to come.  They are all in great condition so I am hoping this will be the start of a new hobby.  I wrapped up 2 more books, and stupidly I might add, left them on the lounge floor again.  This time though all I heard was

“Oh no more crappy presents”



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3 responses to “Maths and Macbeth

  1. MGR

    LOL at more crappy presents!

    What maths texts are you using?

  2. MGR

    Oh, and that comment was me – Deb. I’m in disguise 😉

  3. We are using Saxon math very easy to follow

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