The other day after watching SMARTeenies with Will I realised we don’t do any toddler art with Will, most of what we do is more geared towards the older ones.  Even though he enjoys things like mask making and femo models, I wanted to do something simple like good old play-doh.

last time I made play-doh was about 7 months ago and all he did was throw it at us, the t.v, the dog( who haslong white hair) and anything else within reach.  So out went the play-doh.  I thought it might be time to try again. 

Standing in Tesco at 7:30 am looking at food coloring I started to feel dread, not about making play-doh, but about what the older ones will do with the food colouring( I’m still finding splodges of red in hard to reach places).  

Back home it all went smoothly, Will helped make the play-doh and Riley watched, after making 3 batches Riley asked if he could have a turn, sure, no problem, what could go wrong.

I watched up untill he put the colours in, then the call of the wild Will came so i went to make sure Will was sticking to the rules which were

1. Don’t throw the play-doh

2. Don’t put it up your nose

3. Please don’t throw the play-doh

Riley came in with this gloopy looking thing in the pot, Will, being  a bit concerned asked if Riley poo’d in the pot ( it did look like poo)

I couldn’t understand what he’d done wrong.  When I got into the kitchen I realised it had something to do with the amount of colour he had put in, 3/4 bottle green plus red and yellow.  The only thing to do was knead the goo on  a floured surface.  I told Riley I’l start doing the kneading, he had to put the lids on all the food colouring and clean up the mess.

” I put the lids on already see”

As he said this he picked up the green and knocked over the red, the greens lid was on……..the reds wasn’t.  Just like the other week in went everywhere.  All over my precious Dish Washer and the floor.  All over the bench it was mixing with the water and flour.  AND IT WAS THE RED AGAIN.  A colour I swore I would never buy again.  THank god I still had bleach from last time and scrubbed it before and people came in and decided to “help” clean up the mess.

Later that day the kids practised card tricks and balancing acts, all for some reason on the stairs.  It was a good day, fighting was limited and they got along great.  The only problem today was Riley getting bits of play-doh out of the container to make little things, then leaving it laying around.  Will kept putting it under his foot to squish, so I had to get it out of the carpet.  But as Will pointed out he didn’t throw it, 3 year olds are so good at finding loop holes.

Now it is Sunday morning and it’s chucking it down.  Riley wanted to go out the back and collect elderberries so went and put on clothes, a jacket and shoes, Will wanting to go out there with him took  OFF his clothes and is now playing naked in the rain.  What of the play-doh, apparently

“it’s crappy”

But at least  he didn’t throw it


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