Well we have kept up the work I want the kids to do easily enough, Erik is actually really enjoying the maths side of it and is whizzing through the Saxon Math book. Logan doesn’t see why she has to do Maths as she doesn’t want to do Math as a GCSE subject, but I have other ideas.  I don’t think it will kill her to do one maths subject, she is quite good at maths but has decided she can’t do it.  So we have a freak out of

” I can’t do it, I hate maths its too hard”

To really get the picture of this, Imagine a 5’8″ throwning themselves on the ground wailing and pleading to be spared the death sentence.  Once you have that picture put Logan’s face on it and there you go.

Then she sits there does the work in 10 minutes and off she goes.

I have been a bit lax on History lately. Riley and I went to the Tower of London, for their Archaeology weekend, but since then nothing at all.  They will start a History group in September but I think it might move slowly, I really want to do something about The Saxons or Romans so hopefully I can get the boys to choose some books at the Library.

I am struggling at the moment because I have been sick for the past 5 day, so hopefully the days of wanting to lay in bed with blanket over my head and not moving will soon be over.


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