Days like this

I’m feeling better today so out the books came again. Erik is breezing through his work, Riley is struggling but that is because his maths books read like a cryptic puzzle, I have tried to get him a new one off eBay but they keep getting withdrawn from Auction, what is with that?? So he is only plodding along. I am tempted to get him looking at Erik’s to see if he gets it and then taking Erik up a level. I am also trying to teach him how to tell the time on a clock face , it is something he wants to do and he is grasping it quicker than I thought he would.


At the moment the boys are loving maths which makes it easier. They are reading instead of doing the workbooks, while they are happy doing this i am looking at English and grammar books from Bob Jones University for them.


We have been reading about magnets and batteries from a book we got at an opp shop yesterday, it is easy and we were going to get book from the library this morning.  After talking the kids into walking there then catching the bus home, i thought I’d better check on-line to see the opening times. Wednesday the library is closed, a cheer went up around the computer and Riley took his trousers off and has since spent the day in his boxers, like an old unemployable man.

We have been looking at different religions, I am enjoying this as well, even though we are Christians and aren’t intending to “convert” i want them to have an idea of others beliefs.

OK so the school stuff is out of the way now its my bit…..

Will woke up at 5am!!! oh my god that is a time that shouldn’t ever be mentioned in my presence, it is a horrible hour.  We can’t do anything as everyone else is asleep but we have to do something so Will doesn’t wake everyone in the neighbourhood up.  So after faffing about for a bit I convinced him to watch t.v. while I had a coffee ( hm-mm coffee is my life’s theme at the moment) The rest of the morning was not unlike walking on eggshells.  I just kept glaring at the boys when they started to muck about because I knew, and sure enough Will would start screaming for them to knock it off.  After he hit Riley a few times then whacked him with a plastic sword Ii had enough and did what I have only done once before…. TIME OUT…….

What trauma have I caused to my child  ?? what unknown emotional scarring has been caused??I wont have to wait till he starts therapy as a middle aged man ready to blame his parents for his life, no, I got to hear all about it for the next 2 hours,

I am horrible and disgusting like fox poo,  I am a poo bum head, oh and I smell like a farty bum.

I know it’s good for them to be able to express themselves, but I don’t think I’m that bad.

I finally got him down for a nap by reading one of the boys books to him.


Just as my eyes close, the mobile rings downstairs, so being a kind understanding person, Logan doesn’t wake me to tell me I missed a phone call, BUT, she does put the phone next to me so that when it rings again it will wake up up nice and quick, whereby taking the blame away from her for waking me.  Not impressed.

Will woke when we had a brief shower( I swear he smells rain) and wanted to go out and play but be the time we got downstairs the rain had stopped, so Will did what he does best, he screamed.  Now he is in the lounge cutting up cardboard.

And what did the boys do while I slept????  Glad you asked.

Erik and Riley set up the dartboard in the  Lounge and threw something small wet and dirty at it and the wall.  Whatever it was it was small wet and dirty enough to leave  marks on the wall, ggrrrr.

So now to follow my theme Im going to go have a coffee, why??, Because I can sleep when I’m dead


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