The Hamster

Just over a week ago, after finding a cage at a car-boot sale, we got a hamster.  Now being from Australia we don’t have hamsters so this was one of those spur of the moment things, it went a bit like

“oh is that a hamster cage? how much?

wow only £3 lets get it and then get a hamster”

The boys got all jumpy and went


Mark saw the cage and said

“No WAY”

we got it then went down the pet shop to get the new tenant.  I think we picked the bittiest one the guy had.  Erik went to get it out of the box and it hung off his finger in midair till he could shake it off, what a welcome to the family.  We now have a psycho hamster called

1. Sportacus (Will)

2. Nibbler ( Riley)

3 psycho (Mark)


4. But I wanted a rat( Logan)

He (we think) sleeps all day no matter how much noise we make and runs in his wheel all night, it is as good as the cat we got a little while ago, she was an adult cat.  We brought her home and she ran into the garage.  We couldn’t get it out but knew it was there as it kept eating and pooing, then one night I frightened it and it ran out the back door and we havn’t seen it since.  I truly do have a way with the animals.


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One response to “The Hamster

  1. mark

    can we get a psycho dog? how about a big black kelpie cross?

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