Yesterday Will and I made choc chip cookies.  They were very buttery thanks to Will chucking all the butter in the pot and me not realising until I started to clean up.  They went in the bin

Take Two

Today we decided to try again, this time putting the butter away that we weren’t going to use.  But today I forgot to put in the baking powder so we once again have thin wafer like choc chip cookies. This is a recipe that we have had for ages and have never made a mistake.  Take Three tomorrow .

The boys are still doing their maths. I have changed the books around so Riley is doing Erik’s and Erik is doing Logan’s.  Logan isn’t doing any maths till I get it together to look up GCSE maths for her to start studying.

The afternoon has been surreal.  I mean surreal because this sort of thing DOESN’T happen in this house, ever,  We went for a big walk and got some new library books on the London Blitz and children being evacuated, this sudden interest is due to the Doctor Who episode when the little boy has the gas mask stuck to his head saying

“Are you my mummy”  over and over

( it has been band from the house as it freaks Will out and gives me the creeps)

So the boys have just sat there engrossed in these books all afternoon, it has been great.  To celebrate this mini wonder Will and I sat on the couch and read Spot for 2 hours ( the same story for 2 hours) I feel like the dream mummy, that has perfectly behaved obedient children, immaculate house ( hahaha) and is a great baker.  Only kidding but it did feel good to have some quiet in the house   Now it is coming up to Lazytown time then dinner bath and bed…. for Will anyway.  what a great day in feeling like I have achieved something

i.e a peaceful house


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