Too good to be true

The boys were great yesterday (yay)by last night we had our answer, both had temperatures and upset tummies.  That didn’t stop them breaking the t.v.Ariel though in an argument that turned physical.  So now we can’t watch t.v.  The t.v. stays off most of the day and comes on at 4pm to watch Lazy-Town anyway so  I am tempted to wait before we get a new one just to see how we (me) cope without it.

The boys are bored, we don’t know any home-ed families around here, if there are any.  All there friend are on the other side of London, I think I will have to find a group closer to us here so we can all start making friends closer to home.   We were hoping that we would meet some at HESFES but the kids stuck to their old  friends and I stuck with Will so I didn’t really go out of my way to socialise.

So for the rest of the year our main objective will be making more friends closer to home, Logan will still have to go across town to study with her GCSE group but if we can get going to group an “option” it would be great.   The group itself is fantastic but it is the journey there and back.  It takes us just on 1 1/2 hours to get there with only one change ( with lots of stairs and Will in the stroller refusing to get out) but coming back is a nightmare.  It is peak hour when we head off home,  Will is always over tired, so screams for the first 15 minutes, the boys are usually hyped up on sugar so they act like monkeys, or circus freaks I’m not sure which, it depends on my mood to what they are acting like. They swing off the poles and yell and dance, it’s like travelling with my own troupe.  We don’t have a grateful audience though, they act like we have a disease, people change carriages to avoid us.  I have tried to settle them down in the past to no avail.  Now I sit  just a bit away from them pretending they aren’t mine, it’s better than when they start fighting on the train, when they do that I want to get off and leave them there.

One time I told the older 2 to get on the train and I’d meet them at the bus stop at the station.  This was for 2 reason

1.  They were down on the platform in the train and I was still getting Will down the stairs

2.I couldn’t handle Erik fighting with Riley the WHOLE way home( Erik was just in that sort of mood)

They jumped on, no drama, We jumped on the next one everything was fine for a few stops, then signal failure meant we weren’t going anywhere.  After 3 changes, I got home 2 hours after the kids, thankfully they saw sense enough to catch the bus home and not wait for me.  So I swore I wouldn’t let them do that again.  Even though they have a tube map and a phone with them, they aren’t familiar with the tube, it isn’t something I encourage, I know I should but they are not an an age where they need to go anywhere without me yet, even though we know a few families that let their kids catch the tube all around London, I am struggling to feel comfortable with the idea of them being down there on their own.

On the plus side we found a Karate school just down the hill from our house so Erik might start doing that in September, I am hoping it will help Erik and his anger issues, he looses his temper on a regular basis and throws what can only be described as tantrums when he doesn’t get his own way.

Riley i’m at a loss with though.  He wanted to join scouts but we can’t get him in anywhere, I thought the local church might have a boys brigade for him, but they don’t, they don’t  even have a kids zone, it is not a very family orientated church.  I find that weird, a church that doesn’t really encourage you to bring your kids. So we’ll have to keep looking.  We are slowly getting ready for our “school Year” in respects to what I want them to be able to do and what activities we will be doing ( hopefully) so I feel o.k. at the moment.

But I’m sure something will happen to change that.


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