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We had a lazy weekend, nothing much was achieved. We did however take the T.V. out of the boys room. Originally it was for the xbox only, but this slowly changed to the boys laying in bed watching DVDs. So after one fight too many we took it out, reasoning that if they got more sleep the fighting would stop. They are getting a heap more sleep but the fighting is still going strong. Today after a nasty fight in which Riley threw his wallet which had his oyster card and some money in it at Erik, we have decided the T.v. didn’t have as much to do with it as we thought( they aren’t getting it back thought)

Mark is having the week off work, so yesterday we walked to the shops via Claybury park, this is part of the original Forrest that has never been cut back/cleared. At first Erik had a big to do about going for a walk in the Forrest, cool teenage boys DON’T go walking with family in the Forrest, they slouch behind scowling at nature. Then the fun of it kicked in and they ran around and picked blackberries for so long that by the time we made it to the shops they were so tired we put them on the bus to head home. It was lovely, Mark, Will and I went and had coffee and hot chips without the big kids talking over everything we said. We managed to have a semi normal conversation.

We went back to get more blackberries today with just Will and Riley. Erik had a sore knee from a sword fight with Riley, Riley has a fractured finger from the same sword fight so it was good to get them away from each other. It was so lovely there today the sun was out and there were berries everywhere, we were going to pick some and eat them at home with custard, yum, but Will took control of the bag and clung onto them for dear life. At one stage when I had a big handful of them Will swooped down and grabbed them in his tight fist,squeezed them till the juice ran threw his fingers, then threw them in the bag saying

” there you go”

We ate what we wanted there and threw the rest out when we came home.

After being home for 5 minutes we got a call from the agent saying a painter was coming around to paint the window frames. AAAAARRRGGGHHH the house was a tip as I don’t think any house work had been done for 2 days, so while the painter did the top windows we frantically cleaned up downstairs. Will spent the time sitting on the windowsill in the lounge with his pants off watching the man paint, at least we could keep an eye on him.

Will has been wanting to wear clothes this last week, it has been either his sportacus outfit, or a HUGE suit jacket and saying he is the Doctor( Doctor Who). This is very cute he has his sonic screw driver, the kitchen is the T.A.R.D.I.S., this is good till you need to go into the kitchen. Only rose is allowed in the T.A.R.D.I.S and Rose is imaginary so there has been a few tantrums around meal making time. But we did have some good one liners like

“The Doctor is going to poo now”

I asked Mark to dress Will this morning thinking this will keep them both busy for ages, Will was back and dressed in minutes. Mark had a big grin on his face, that was until I pointed out you don’t get points for dressing him when he wants to get dressed. True dad fashion though, Mark put on Cords that are huge on him and no jumper, Will kept walking around hitching up his pants. it is better than him going out in my pink satin nighty like yesterday though.

We have been doing heaps of reading lately, they are still reading about London in WW2 and Logan is reading an introduction to Sociology book. Mark has been talking about history and watching docos with the boys so I feel I can relax on that topic at the moment.

Now it is time for me to enter the T.A.R.D.I.S. and travel to a time where dinner and baths have already happend and all children are in bed or tucked away in their bedrooms mumbling to themselves what a horrible person their mum is.


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