In the past few days we have had the following injuries

swollen, bruised knee from a sword fight with Riley, stubbed toes and sore backside from slipping on something wet.


Fractured finger from said sword fight, and black eye from Will hitting him with x-box controller


slipped in water and whacked his head, pulled half of his toes nail off, got a big rose thorn stuck in his foot, fell out of the pram while trying to get in.

Now If I worked for Social Serviced I would be seriously looking into the way I parent.

We are going away to France on the ferry for a few days.  The kids have never  been on one, but, now I keep having these flashes of one of them skidding over the railing and into the water, I need to keep them immobile for a few days so all injuries can heel I think.

It is like the boys have been watching the 3 stooges and just keep repeating the scenes over and over again, the only thing missing  is the  canned laughter.

when the boys laid into each other with the swords I must admit I wasn’t amused as much as ambivalent to it.  They are always sword fighting, so I was more like “Well what do you expect” I did bandage them up though as I’m not that heartless.  But the more injuries added the more annoyed I got with everything, it was like

” Who left water on the floor, what where you thinking?”

” You know to put shoes on”  blah blah blah

Well that’s what it seemed like I was saying as no one ever listened.

Now I get to go away with the walking wounded, Well Will wont be walking as he can’t wear shoes so will be in the offending pram.  I hope we survive the trip

Oh there is nothing wrong with Logan unless she has developed RSI and just hasn’t said.


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