I’m Cool

Now I’m not meant to know this BUT


Yes that’s right me.

The one that forgets to brush her hair most days, who still breastfeeds a 3 year old and who some days fails to get dressed.

I am cool

Let me clarify,

Today is Logan’s MSN day, this is the day when she can spend several hours talking to her friends back in Melbourne. After 5 hours( yep you read correct 5 hours, only teenagers can spend so long talking about nothing and get mad when you interrupt) I asked Logan to get off the computer so I could do a few things while Will was asleep. Logan set herself to BRB. I hopped on and started what I wanted to do, and her conversation bars kept blinking. So being the nice and incredibly nosey mum that I am, I opened it just to say ” Logan Will be back in a minute”

Logan’s friend “J” is a witty kid for 13, he would fit into this family quite well.

and he came up with just silly trivial things which I answered.

after a few minutes Logan came back on and “J” said


yay me.

Then to show how UN-cool I am we all sat down to do our maths for the next 2 days.

I am still struggling to get Erik to do any reading, this is partly due to his dyslexia and partly due to laziness. He struggles with reading so instead of doing a bit at a time he normally has a wobbly and I give in, followed by lots of cuddles and warm mummy talk. That is until I was talking to a friend who said her daughter can’t do maths?? When she does it she cries and says she can’t understand it, it’s too hard etc etc. Hm-mm, I thought this sounded all to familiar, I said, in a nice way, that maybe she can do it but knows what buttons to push to get out of it. I only said this because she kind of felt the same way and I also have had this discussion in my own head about Erik’s reading, so in a way it was voicing my own thoughts about my situation.

Anyway, the next day we went for a nice walk through the forest and dropped down to the library so we could look at books. Erik whinged and moaned about hating the library( I wonder sometimes if he is really my child, I felt my world open up when my nan got me a library card) that was until he found the Star-wars comics. In 3 days he read 6 of them and understood the story’s in them all, I know this because he keeps talking to me about them. This is from a boy who was told at 5 he was severely Dyslexic. Well to the lovely lady that told that to a 5 year old I just wont to say

“You have been Proved WRONG, so don’t ever tell a 5 year old he will always have trouble reading.  You have NO idea how damaging you were”

I want to say more but there is no point because it was over 6 years ago and she will never read this anyway.

When i started to Home educate my mini goals were mainly reading writing and maths.

They all have shocking hand writting which I need to help them work on but the rest is coming together.

My other goal was to help them become who they need to be, at the moment I feel I am letting this happen.  O.K, to each other they can be rotters, but to friends and stranger’s they show that they are intelligent witty people and for that I am happy and I must admit a bit relieved.


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