the Phone call

I just had to blog this call before I go to bed and forget it.

Logan was talking to one of her friends in Melbourne on the phone when she put Will on

W= hello whats your name

J=I’m “J” can you talk like a cyberman for me

W= no, I can’t change now, Im on the phone. Where are you????

J= I’m in Australia

W= Oh are you an alien????

J= no I’m a human

W= oh…. mummy said I can’t say frigging hell any more, I can only say cheese and whiskers.

J=OK can you talk like a cyberman

W= if I cut your head off blood will come out and you can look at your watch and then I can talk your bones out.

( OK the head off bit was from a picture he saw in the metro paper on Friday for a movie called Severance I think, and I have no idea about the bones out bit)

J=um OK

W= are you a crocodile??

J= no I’m a human

W=oh frigging hell…I mean cheese and whiskers your no good then bye bye.

I have no idea what goes on in his head sometimes



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2 responses to “the Phone call

  1. Linda Keenan

    Hi Bubby,

    Will definitly keeps you on your toes. Goodnight baby!

    Love Mummy

  2. ROFL, he sounds just like my 3 year old who speaks fluent Dalek and has currently been banned from saying something very similar.

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