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Wednesday part 2

Just after I decided that their was a pyjama day happening, the Lawnmower man came, I don’t really mind them seeing me in my pj’s but I draw the line at them seeing me without a bra on, I have breastfed 4 children so they aren’t as “perky” as they used to be, I raced up stairs and threw clothes on, raced down to talk to them, then realised that I had NO money on me, I convinced the boys to go down the shop to get cash, but I forgot the pin,and gave then one that I now realised I totally made up. I had to ask them to come back later hoping that I would have heard from Mark by then to get the real one. I have since heard from him and he has no idea what it is either..

No science happened in this house today. The reason is simply I was not in the mood to give the kids another thing to try and burn. Erik wanted to burn plastic, I said no, then he said he thought he had a temperature, when he came in so I could check him I couldn’t help noticing all the singed hair!. I gave him a quick hair cut which mresulted in the middle strip of hair being slightly shorter than the rest, this was the most burnt bit, while Will played Dr Who on the computer. About 5 minutes after I came back in Erik started shouting

“Look a fox afox”

sure enough there was a mangy ,dirty fox in the yard, he didn’t look the picture of health that’s for sure. Even though I complain about them getting my garbage and pooing on my lawn, I got a buzz out of seeing one so close. I have now decided we will NOT get a rabbit. At first I thought we could just bring the bunny inside at night but if they are going to come out during the day the poor bunny will have no chance, and I don’t want to come home to a bunny murder scene.

Oh and then Riley did something, He have no idea what, and now has a great big scratch down his cheek.


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The reason for Wills rotten mood became evident when he fell asleep at 7pm and slept for 12 hours.  I keep forgetting that his little body is still getting use to not having a nap.

So far today we have done maths, ordered our new book club book off Amazon and the boys are in the middle of looking for a science experiment that we can do with what we have in the house.  Will is watching Toy Story 2 upside down, that is the comfy way to do it.

By looking at the kids today you wouldn’t believe they stayed up till midnight watching the LOST double bill. They are all rainbows and light.

I think having a dinning table is definitely working for us. Now we are starting the day of eating together, normally we eat breakfast in  a chaotic fashion, glaring at each other while hunching over our food in  a very “don’t touch me” kinda way.  This morning we sat around the table, yes even Logan, and laughed and talked (about Lost, which I have NO interest in)  and listened to My Chemical Romances new film clip.

I have decided that the above mentioned band is not one of my favorites and said a silent prayer thanking Mark for agreeing to take the kids to it next month.

As for me….

Today I am relaxing,there is no “choice” to get to Leslie, the Home ed fair is done, and the kids have all done there work, apart from  reading.  Erik, who got dressed straight away this morning, has had a bath and put on clean pj’s, I defiantly think today shall be known as


Go forth, spread the word it’s a day of sleep


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History group

The older ones have taken themselves off to History group today this is because Will has decided that today is the day to wear undies and a blanket

“Like a veggie sausage”

He flat out refused to leave the house today, and after a 15 minute screaming/head-spinning/green pea spewing fit, I decided today would really be a good day for him to stay home.


Needing a shower I got Will to come upstairs ( by this time the kids had left) so we could talk while I scrubbed the crud off. Will looked at me and said

“Where are we going today??”
me: “no where baby , I’m just getting dressed”

Will:” But I want to go see Leslie *”

me: “it’s too late baby the kids have gone”


me :” o.k. we’ll go see her soon”

Will: ” shut your species up”

and he stomped off .

Telling us to shut our species up is a new one for Will . So far the rest of the day has been Will shouting that he wants things that we don’t have.

The dentist was uneventful, Erik got his filling and I was told he need braces. We already new this as his top teeth are crooked. He is fine with the idea because I have been preparing him for this for awhile now. We read an article on how fixing teeth with braces can also help sinus problems, so now he is very eager to get them in the hope that for once his sinuses will finally clear up. He will have to wait for a few years though, he still has all his back teeth to loose.

Now it is time to get my darling baby Will who is just sitting on the couch screaming


too bad he doesn’t really want me, when I go near him he just tells me to go away.

* Leslie is his grown up Friend from group

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slowing down part 2

It is a total lie the name of this blog there was nothing slow about the weekend, but I am getting there.

On Sunday decided that more room was definitely needed before winter hit and we will be forced to stay home.  The way to this was  to change the conservatory around.  So instead of it being a computer room with a bunch of toys and a couch used to pile the washing on, it would become a  room with a “work station”.  The table that had been housing the computers would become the dinning/work/arts and craft/Sunday morning coffee and paper table, the only problem was to do all this the ugly smelly couch that Mark loves had to go.  After me having a small tantrum about us ( meaning the kids and me) needed space to do things and somewhere to eat that is NOT the lounge-room floor, the couch was relegated to the garage in the hope that one day we will clean it out and have a very cold room for the kids to hang out in.

The kitchen is small and  the round table in there resembled an elephant in a cubourd, we had to move the chairs to get to the fridge.  I have taken that table out and put the computers on it at the end of the conservatory with the windows, it is lovely sitting here looking out at the yard that is green and overgrown with weeds and toys. Now there is a small table for the fruit bowl and a chair for Will to get to the bench, that’s it.  It looks great in there, there is space and we can now see where Logan hasn’t swept.

Last night we ate at the table  amongst candles and flowers , we had 4 lovely children talking to us and they all( even Riley) ate all there dinner.  after the plates were taken Mark and I sat there talking like we used to do in summer  out the back of  our old flat.

The conservatory looks cool( if I do say so myself)   there is heaps of space, its clean  and I love being in here.  So far Will has had 3 meals in here, and everyone he has said

“this is the best dinner/breakfast/lunch ever.”

I think he is more referring to the room, than the food, otherwise the cornflakes I gave him this morning far outweigh the cornflakes I made him yesterday and made him eat in the lounge.

Today instead of taking the kids to their book group I am taking Erik to the dentist.  He is in a small amount of pain because his filling has come out, I am hoping this is the reason he is being absolutely horrible to everyone.  We are having one of those days where I have to try and keep him away from everyone else.  At the moment he is in his room reading star wars comics so i can have a rest.  So far today he has taken the x-box controller and announced that Will is not allowed to touch it, locked Riley in the garage, left Riley when he got stuck in the garage, taken Will’s bubbles and the last one was to take a bite of Wills lunch, Will freaked and that was it, I need him up there for his own safety not  the others.

It looks like we did the conservatory just in time……it has started to rain

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Slowing down

The Home education fair on Saturday went surprisingly well.  We had a hiccup getting there, as part of the train line wasn’t working so we had to change, normally wouldn’t mind but we took the big pram so Will could nap, this is a great pram and so comfy to push around, it isn’t comfy when you have to carry it up stairs.  The pram weighs 14 kg and so does Will so that is a lot of lifting.  Because of the train delay we got there 50 minutes late, funnily enough that is the exact time Mark said we would get there before we left the house or knew about the line problems.  Whatever time we have to be somewhere we are normally 30-50 minutes late, I think it is a home-ed thing, we are not used to time constraints.

Will was a star he was happy for mark to play with him and he hung out with his friend( It seems so funny talking about a 3 year old “hanging out” with a friend, but there you go) I helped out at a stall, generally chatting to people new to home-ed.  By the end of it I thought my name tag should have said, Yes I home educate 4 kids, it’s not illegal and yes we socialise.  But instead I just said it oer and over again.

When it came time for the workshop I found out that the other lady that was meant to be helping didn’t show up, so it was just me and around 20 parents, thankfully a friend showed up half way so it lightened the load.  That was also the point that Will came tearing across the room saying

“Mummy wotchyadoin'”

Then everytime I tried to say something he kept saying

” ssssshhhhhhh, I’m trying to listen”

thankfully me telling him to go to daddy to get cake did the trick, this has been the first time in months he has left my side.  I think he really liked the fact that his dad came over to his world, the one where there’s me talking to other mums and  there are his friends.  You could see how happy he was doing this family thing.

When it was over I then spent another hour talking to parents new to Home-ed and pairing a few of them off ( not to get rid of them, but helping them make first connections) It felt good to help them find out what they needed, those first few days are hard, you don’t know whether you are doing the right thing, and I did used to worry about the social side of it.

A mum asked when I stopped laying in bed at night worrying about if I did the right thing.  I laughed and said I still do it, I still go to bed some nights worrying about what we did and if it has been “enough” but in my heart I know it has been.  It was more drawn out than that but I wont bore you.

We then decide to walk to the next suburb to see some old friends that we lost contact with.  Standing on the corner arguing over whether we should go to the pub or there house first we saw one of them walk out of the pub to make a phone call.  When we went in the other one was there as well.  We spent a few hours with them, Mark was happy and so was Will,actually Will was hyper-happy,  by this time he had eaten cake and  a lolly pop.  On the way home Will said it was the best day EVER and then fell asleep in the pram that I regretted bringing out.

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D’oh number 2

The repair man came and we now have hot water.

We have an internal boiler ??? and one of the kids ( all fingers point to Riley) thought it was good that when you turned the dial the flame went up and down, he left it down for saftey reasons.

To top it off we didn’t get a call that they were coming so the house was a mess, will was naked and I was still in my pj’s, what a beast I must have looked.

crazy house, fighting kids, naked kid, and Me with greasy hair scraped back into a bun.

What a catch

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So busy

O.K. I’m not actually busy right this second.  Right this second I am sitting in my pj’s at 11am having my face ripped off by Erik only to have Will come and slap it back on.  But the general feel( in my head ) is that I am busy.

It was Riley’s birthday yesterday so we had a cake in the morning before we left for group.  To do this we first had to make the cake without Will finding out what we were doing.  Of course he found us and had to lend a hand, 5 minutes later the kitchen was covered in gooey choccy cake mix and Will was covered all down the left side of his body,  I have no idea why it was only the left side but anyway we spent the 40 minutes that the cake takes to cook to clean up the mess only to find out that the hot water heater isn’t working ( we are still waiting to hear from the agent) I washed Will in the kitchen sink, after convincing him he can’t wash in the dishwasher.

Finally left for group and had an easy run of it for a change, Will slept most of the way.  When we got there I was tempted to go visit one of Marks friends to get their phone number again, but by this time I needed to sit down and have a drink,it is not that easy carrying a sleeping toddler, a pram,food,water and various other bits up and down the tube steps.  As soon as I sat down to talk Will woke up and that was my rest gone, I spent the next  hours doing whatever Will demanded.  He didn’t want to be there and made sure everyone knew it, he has become a real homebody over the summer break.

We are getting a drama group together at club.  So far 6 people have been interviewed so it isn’t going to be any old mum, it is going to be great (I hope)

The boys had cadets so they got off the tube in town to go to Marks work, he took dinner in with him in so they could eat beforehand.  This is by far the easiest way to do it.  This way The boys get to his work just after 5, have dinner and leave by 6:20, and Mark get to finish up with whatever he is doing ( probably GOOGLING) without leaving early and working from home that night to catch up, they  get to cadets in plenty of time.  if they came home  with me we would basically get home and leave straight away, or hang around  near cadets in a very undesirable town for an hour, neither of these options are appealing.  This way everyone( me,me,me) gets where they need to be on time ( home and in pj’s).

Today is a bit of a relax, then tomorrow the boys have swimming lessons, then we are at a Home ed fair to help out for the afternoon, Sunday we have to get the external hard-drive fixed, Monday Logan has GCSE’s and then we have book club, Tuesday is history club, Wednesday I have booked in a breakdown due to exhaustion and Thursday its back to group.  I can see why parents send their kids to school……. they need the rest.

In between all this I still have 2 issues of Choice to edit, and try and get the boys writing up to scratch( by this I mean legible) and convince Logan the Charles Dickens was not the most boring man that ever lived who wrote crappy books about rubbish that no one cares about.  Apparently there are  2 reasons you can still get his books

1.  the original number of books printed still hasn’t sold out.

2.  the stupid people that bought any copies of his book did so on a dare and are now selling them so they can get rid of them.

She sounds like a potential thug, but she is just going through normal teenage rebellion, not that I say that, because I have NO idea what it’s like to be a teen in today’s society, neither does she as she never leaves the house, I don’t say that either.

AND to top it all off I just realised I left the 3 wheeled   pram that I want to take tomorrow out in the rain.


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