I have been thinking this over the last few days and it has occurred to me that our house is full of scams, blackmail, bribery and bartering, this is all under the heading of currency.

Example 1

Logan is only allowed to go on MSN 3 days a weeks but is allowed to use the computer everyday.  This morning I realised she has been on MSN almost everyday, she gets to do this a number of ways

1. by going to the shop for me when Will or me can’t be bothered to get dresses.

2. Cleaning up the kitchen

3. Playing with Will when I really want to finish a book

4.  Doing anything for anyone in the house.

When most kids say I’ll do it if I can have £1, Logan says

” Can I go on MSN for awhile”

Usually I say yes but just for 30 min, 2 hours later I walk in and there’s Logan glued to the screen laughing at something one of her friends has typed.   Logan is going to do General Studies as a GCSE and I suggested she should do an assignment on the effects of the Internet on society, she  was not amused.  Logan knows all her needs are met, she always has money to travel and we feed her, I buy her clothes( only because I hate shopping with her, last time she went by herself she spent $100 on things she has never worn). She isn’t at an age when she goes too far without us and if she does it is only to a friends house, so she is covered for money, what she really needs( apparently)is more MSN time.  So today, as I was feeling feisty, I kicked her off the computer all together.  There were no “if’s ands or buts”  she could be anywhere in the house but the computer room.  At the moment she is in her room reading books I got her from the library.  I got them because I got suckered into another deal which meant I went to the Library without the only child that reads voraciously, but the jokes on her as I got books I have wanted her to read for the last 8 months.

The boys currency is a bit more obvious, when I want them to do something I offer a cash incentive, this they trade with each other and with Logan.  This works fine untill one feels they have been ripped off.

Example 2

Riley sold Logan a mobile that doesn’t work.

Logan had a mobile that worked and took photos.   In a moment of madness, she decided that she didn’t want her mobile anymore as she was never going to leave the house !!! all this was news to me.   Erik brought it off her for something silly like a bag of beans.  Then a few weeks later she decided she needs a phone after all, by this time all the phones ( except Mark Work one) have been moved around from owner to owner to the  floor under beds.  Riley agreed to sell his phone to Logan for something like £5-£10 I can’t remember.  Now before I forget we have a rule in this house of


So Riley used this to his advantage by saying it was working fine and she must have done something to it.  Of course I have been bought into the argument, or I should say, the argument happens with me in between them, each hoping I’ll jump in to someones defense.  I am learning though.  In stead of wading in guns blazing I just get up and walk away.  I have learned that no matter who’s side I take, someone always takes it as a  personal attack on them.

Mark and I have a smaller nicer version of this it all revolves Mark making me cups of tea and looking after Will while I read.  for this he gets a lovely, healthy veggie dinner.  Ours  involves no fighting or arguing or money changing hands, it works quite well,  I  think Marks get the raw end of the deal but who am I to complain


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  1. Linda Keenan

    Great Phoyos

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