GCSE and the Doctor

Logan has finally decided she wants to do a Photography GCSE,

The Heavens open, trumpetting angels descend, the world rejoices, wise men come to praise my child, we are showered with gifts.  This is what Logan thinks should happen because she made one decision

In reality it has been an uphill battle for Logan to commit to anything but computer time.  Today I will be madly trying to get information so that by the time she decides she doesn’t want to do it I will gladly strangle her with it.  Logan life sees things fleetingly at the moment and as soon as I agree to do something it is a wailing heap that screams


followed by  in a much sweeter voice

“If I do it can I go on MSN”

I have a feeling alot of teen girls are this dramatic but I have not witnessed anything like Logan and her amazing moodiness.

The boys have been looking at The Romans so we went to the Museum of London and have been reading books we got at the library, they are enthusiastic still so that’s a good thing.  Erik wants to start looking into GCSE’s next year.  we have talked about him being ready to do this i.e reading and writing.  Because Erik is doing all this work Riley has to a feeling of being left behind, so he has decided  do it as well.  So far it is working well.

Now will is  different matter entirely.

He spends most days dressed in a suite jacket of Marks( it drags on the ground) calling himself “The Doctor”, then he throws off the jacket and takes on the regeneration stance( this was when the “old” Doctor threw his head and arms back while the time vortex shot out of his body, he then became the “new” doctor) and says in his best Darlek voice

“Now I am a Cyberman, you will be exterminated”

When one of the kids point out Cybermen say delete Will then “exterminates” them and they can only start to play again once Will has decided they are no longer dead. He’s very into play acting and repeats Doctor dialog to us often, he plays out scenes by himself or with the boys he isn’t fussy.  At the moment my favorite one is When he says

“This is the story of how……”

If you don’t know Doctor Who I’ll fill you in.

It is in the second to Last episode that we learn Rose is going to die ( she will  be recorded as dead on her planet not the parallel one she is on)  The show starts with

“This is the story of how I died”

I had a bit of a problem with a 3 year old saying the “how i died” bit so now Will adds things to it.  It is now the start of many stories like

” This is the story of how I pooed”

“This is the story od how you didn’y shut up so I cut your head off”

“This is the story of how I saved Spiderman from a falling tree”

The list is endless.  But wheatever the story The kids are just glad that to be “The Doctor” you have to wear clothes.

The doctor is NEVER naked.


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