Cabin Fever

I think the kids have cabin fever.  We haven’t really been out this week.  Logan and Erik went to the library the other day and yesterday Riley came with me to Tesco.  But that’s it we have been around the house all week.  Will and I love it but the boys don’t.

The boys have been fighting ALL day, over the smallest things.

who ate breakfast the fastest, who can get down the stairs first ( this one is a bit dangerous), and the latest one

Who can sit of a spot on the couch.

I mean come on, a bit of the couch, a corner, not the whole couch or room or world domination but a bit of the couch.  I fixed this by removing the cushions and putting all the washing there, I was the only one that didn’y want to sit on it, Will didn’t want to sit on it but he did like the cushions from it and has been happy rolling on them at the moment.  I sat on the big 3 seater by myself.  No one wanted to sit next to me, I must smell or have the plague.  To really rub it in I laid there stretched out reading a book while the 3 ferals argued over who got to sit on the remaining cushion.  Aren’t kids wonderful.

I have decided to get a knitting machine by Christmas.  I love knitting but I don’t really have the time to sit down and knit, having 4 kids at home all the time might be the reason, so I have started looking on eBay, Till then I think I might look up  shops to see if they can help me with any questions.  I can’t wait, all the kids will be wrapped up in lovely home made woolly jumpers, I told Logan I’ll make them all with their initials on the like the Weasley’s from Harry Potter, she thinks I’m joking, I thought she knew me better than that.


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