The house of the Pyros

After a big walk into town this morning I was in absolutely knackered when we got home so after feeding us all I decided to grab Will and have a nap with him upstairs.  I put Doctor Who on for him hoping that even if he didn’t sleep he would stay still while I dozed.  Well I did more than doze  think as next thing I now I’m alone in bed, the DVD’s ended and I can smell something burning outside.  I stuck my head out the window and there were Erik and Riley standing over a pile of burning flour and paper.  mark in his infinite wisdom thought he would tell the boys you can make flour bombs!!

After the bombs didn’t work they just tried to dump it all into a pile to see if it would explode WHILE standing over it watching.

hmmm, home education at it’s finest………not

I applaud their inquisitive minds on trying to see if it was true or not, but I am not impressed with the fact that they decided to see if it was true while I was asleep.  And where was Will ??

Well Will was maybe 4 feet away from them naked playing in  a bag of flour and salt.

We have ( or I think I should say had) a rule that if I went out or was asleep there was to be NO FIRE, this meant any cooking bar toast.  I think somewhere along the line the rule got changed to don’t burn the house down to let’s see if you can make the yard explode, while the 3 year old plays naked at the foot of the bomb.

So instead of screaming at them, ( every window in our house plus all the neighbours are as open as open can be) I had to nicely tell them to put the fire out once they did that I nicely asked them inside where I shut all the doors and windows and what could only be described as screeched at them for the better part of 30 minutes.  At the moment they are playing jail and are taking it in turns to lock each other in the tiny cupboard under the stairs, at least there sharing, that’s all I can say.


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