Will and the hamster

Because we have a demon hamster that no one apart from Mark can touch( for some reason Mark picking it up by the scruff of the neck then dropping it into a box so we could clean the cage has made him not bite mark) The boys and I decided to get a Hamster ball so at least he can get out of the cage and have a run about.

After a battle to get him in he had a great time, as far as I can tell, scurrying about the house.  Will took to squatting down over the ball so all the hamster could see was his bum, all the while saying

” go on, smell it, you love it.”

I think this was the first thing that Mark has taught him that I don’t want the public to see.  Because we laughed at it he says it ALL the time.

The second thing mark taught Will today was how to spin the hamster.  Mark did a little spin thinking this would be fun.  Will thought it looked good so gave it a huge spin, we all dived at the hamster to stop the ride but Will was faster and grabbed the ball and chucked it down the slide.  Logan, who has recently joined PETA.com was not amused by it all.  Anyway the hamster is fine and when we go near his cage he waits at the door for us to put the ball neat the opening and he just climbs right in.

Today however we were a little lax.  After cleaning out the conservatory we just wanted to sit down and read the paper, forgetting the boys had put the hamster in the ball till Will came in, just as mark said be careful Will dropped it on the tiles.  It just laid there not moving, We just sat there mouths agape till Mark said

“Well that Killed it”

But as he went to pick it up he started moving about, he was just stunned.  Hamster ( still no decision about his name) is up somewhere High and for the time being the ball is in hiding.  Till he recovers that is.

I bought will one of those nursery activity books that he can do when the older ones are doing there work, I’m not hot-housing or anything sinister, I just thought that because he wants to do Work like the kids I’d get him a book so he can pretend.  Now while I have 50 questions being fired at me by the older ones I also have Will saying

What do i do now mummy?”

I have a look and say it says to circle all the number 3’s.  Will says

” No that is rubbish I draw a poo instead and color it in wee”

yes he would do so well at nursery school.

When he has finished he announces.

“I am brilliant, look at my poo”

he means the drawing he did, but it is just enough to set Logan storming out the room screeching

” that is discusting, I can’t believe you let him say that, I’m gonna be sick”

Something tells me I wont have to worry about teen pregnancy with Logan, that and the fact she doesn’t like boys.  The later just might be due to having 3 little brothers but who can really say.


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