I have a problem

Isn’t that the first step, admitting you have a problem.  Well I’m admitting it, I know I need help.  My addiction isn’t financially crippling us but it is taking an enormous amount of time away from my family.  The house suffers, dinner is getting later and Will is left for periods in the care of his big brothers.

I am addicted to http://www.neopets.com

It started simple enough.  After watching the kids play it for years with not even a passing interest, I thought I would help Riley out.  He kept leaving his pets to get sick and hungry, then didn’t have any neo-points to help cure the problem so I thought I’d help him get some points fast.

After the first day I was o.k, sure I liked it but I didn’t crave it.  By the end of the week I was getting up and logging on berfore Riley woke so I could play all his games to the maximum plays.  At first he didn’t mind, he is a good kid, but 1 month down the track he is no longer as impressed.

“Get your own account”   he said

“But it’s not the same”  I replied

So Riley has opened up another account so he can have a chance at playing for points, but for some reason I want to go into that account as well, I feel left out somehow.  No one else account will do either, for some reason I only get the “rush” when it’s Rileys’s account.  I defiantly need help.

now what is step 2…….



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2 responses to “I have a problem

  1. Linda Keenan

    Hi Mardi,

    I remember when we brought Pacman for you and Cameron. Your father and I would sit up all night and play to see who was the best at the game. I was of cause! We would spend hours playing and I believe we were addicted badly.

    Love Mum

  2. Deb

    I’m sorry, but step 2 has to be purchased. You will need approximately 10 million Neopoints, and when you have that you will be able to move around the site collecting the 17 pieces of step 2.

    You wanna know how bad I am? I’ve got the dosh for step 2.

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