The start of the school year

O.K. so it isn’t really the start of our school year, but all activities are resuming this week.  Tomorrow the boys are going to St Johns Ambulance and on Saturday they all have swimming.   Logan will be starting her GCSE courses with Leslie, the book club and history club is starting back in the next few days.  I can see us being totally exhausted for the next month or so until we get use to it.  The boys work is plodding along nicely and we are going to the British museum in the next few days to look at the Roman exhibition, I am hoping that because Logan wont be there they may get more out of it.

Logan has stayed at a friends house and we will pick her up later today.  “P” lives across the other side of London,   Logan has been  getting there herself lately.  I still see her as my little girl and in need of constant protection but she isn’t and she doesn’t.  I find now I search her out so we can chat and laugh about anything.  Recently she has discovered her political consciousness and has been looking up  animal cruelty sites ( hmm this might just do nicely for her General studies essay)   and has joined, the grungier of the PETA site I have been informed.   She is reading and joining message boards, soon she wants to go on one of those marches where they hand out flyer’s to KFC customers telling them what they are actually eating.  I believe in the cause, I read fast food nation to the kids so they understood why we don’t eat at fast-food restaurants( that and the fact we are veggies ) but I don’t know if I want my daughter who is not yet 14 to go on a march, she might change her mind, but If she doesn’t I hope it’s soon as I’m not letting her do it alone and I don’t want to stand outside a KFC in winter no matter how good a cause it is I am a sook when it’s cold.

We are also doing Choice in Education again this month, I am hoping to get it all together in the next few days so it is one less thing I feel I have to do right now.  Hopefully Mark (hint, hint) is going to get me something about carbon emissions or carbon footprints so we can add that.  I have also asked a site called

if I can put something of there’s in, it is a great site i love it,  The kids love reading it but don’t want to try the bean burger recipes they have.  They ( boys again) want to try the Slug Milkshake recipe.  This involves getting all the slugs you can find and putting them in the blender, apparently by painting this on fences it keeps the slugs away.  I could just imagine the boys NOT painting the fence but throwing it at each other as they do everything else.  we have had paint bombs, flour bombs, dirty clothes bombs to name a few, I’m not adding slug bombs to the mix as well.


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  1. Linda Keenan

    Hi Bubby,

    Sounds like happy days ahead for you.

    Love Mummy

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