We booked into a film making workshop, it was more listen while we talk than hands on, but I thought it would be a fun thing to do, and it was free.  They sent us a map, and off we went.  To start  with the buses around here must be having some kind of stop work meeting at  the Tesco diner because 3 went past us,  heading that way while we waited for ONE bloody bus.  We normally would have walked to the station but today Will wanted me to carry him so he could wrap my hair around his face, there was no way I could walk like that.

Finally at the station, only to miss the train and the next 2 were terminating so we waited 20 minutes, this might not seem alot but when you are use to waiting no more than 7 minutes it is an age. In that 20 minutes the kids ate their lunch, honestly it is like travelling with food obssesed people, I made sure that they all ate breakfast, but as soon as we sat down all I got was

“Did you bring food?? what did you bring”

Then the stroller was ransacked to get to the booty.

Anyway we got to the relevant stop and thought we’d ask at the info booth for a bit of help getting around.  Remember this is London and we are in the MIDDLE of the city, there are tourist and tour guides everywhere.  Do you think one of them knew where the building was, NO, no one had even heard of it.  So after walking around for 25 minutes with Will talking about Dr Who, Riley talking about Downing street and Erik and Logan acting like circus freaks(thats being nice, trust me on this)  I called it quits and headed home.  By now we are at a different tube line so we wouldn’t have to change and what do the kids see…. a proper map showing how to get to the building.  if we went back we would have only missed around 30 minutes of a work shop that went for 1 1/2 hrs but I had had enough.  So now we are home, the boys are playing with a box of Lego I just got at an oppy for £2 and Will is holding on to Leonardo ( the teenage mutant ninja turtle) asking if he could beat a cyberman, now how do I answer that….


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