Ah sunday

Will went to bed very late last night and decided that 5am was the time to wake the whole house up. I just about muzzled him, chucked him under my arm and ran down the stairs in the hope that the rest of the clan would stay asleep, they didn’t.

Because of our early start Will has been just a wee bit grouchy ( wee being an understatement) and has spent most of the morning screaming, throwing, crying, and threatening us, what a joy to have been apart of it.

The boys can be very vocal about how much they hate each other, even though Will is only 3 I’m sure he sneaks off to write it all down.

“I’m gonna rip your head off”

“How dare you”

“You are a Muppet”


but today’s favorite had to have been when Logan asked for a bread roll, for some reason Will had a death-grip on the packet and would not let go, even though he hates rolls.

“Will can I please have a roll”

“NO. Leave me alone or I’ll shove them down your throat”

“Will you are NOT aloud to talk to Logan like that, now say sorry”

in a sweeter voice

“Logan I will shove them down your throat…..with Vegemite yum and white cheese hmmmmmm yummy, now LEAVE ME ALONE”

I can’t tell you how nice is was once I got him to sleep.


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