You can feel the chance in the air, in the morning there is mist and a chill that makes you run to your slippers sighing as they envelop your feet, The sun is out but a breeze lets its self be known.

“Autumn is here”

is seems to say.

This feeling got Will and I outside to pull up weeds and cut back plants, but alas all we did is pull a few weeds and dig a hole using various Bob the Builder toys ( a car boot booty ) for a rabbit that Will wants us to get.

me:”What will we name the rabbit”


me:” but we already have a pet called hamster, remember, the hamster is called hamster”

very imaginative I know

Will:” then sportucus”

me:” you want to call the rabbit sportucus”

Will:”No I want to call him Christmas”

So now we are on the look out for a rabbit that will live in Wills hole, that wont let foxes eat him, and who likes the name Christmas.  The last one is easy but I’m not too sure about the first 2, I have seen proof that foxes like my house and like my garbage better than anyone Else’s in our street, and they think my grass is the best grass to poo on.  I think we will have to get an indoor and an outdoor cage for Christmas (the rabbit).

So now it is halfway between lunch and snack time but there is a feeling like the end of the day hanging over the house, Will keeps asking when dinner ill be ready and Riley keeps asking what the time is, when I tell him all I hear is


I feel this way more than the kids, I have found myself looking at the clock screaming


in my mind the day is nearly over all that is left is bath and bed for all of us.  I know this is bad to waste a day by wishing this but today I can’t help it.

I think it has had something to do with Wills mood today (sorry baby but you know what you’ve been like today) he hasn’t left my side and when he has it is only to scream and cry.  We spent 2 1/2 hours upstairs in our room just laying there reading by ourselves but this had to end as I was dropping off and Will wasn’t too impressed.  All I have done today is play in dirt and breastfeed, that’s it.  I have to keep reminding myself that some days are like his but today I had so many plans about gardening and making crystals and yummy vegan choccy cakes that I feel a bit deflated by it’s outcome, and now to get a bit of respite I have plonked Will and Riley ( Erik is sleeping) in front of the x-box, something I swore wouldn’t happen, but I think today is fair to say the x-box is my in built baby sitter.

Now I have had a bit of a moan I feel heaps better.

roll on dinner time


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