Panic attacks

Today Will was napping by 10 am and has been his normal self since his sleep.  I think the problem with Wills tantrums ( yes I am making excuses for my babies behavior) is that he is 3 and is starting to let go of nap time, but 12 hour days are too much for his little body to take, he’s like his mummy- he loves his sleep.  Yesterday after writing a miserable blog, the day just picked right up.  I think once I acknowledge why I was in  a bad mood I gave myself permission to ” Build a bridge and get over it” as my mum would say

I have finished editing the choice in Education for this month so I feel relieved that I have done something that is worthwhile outside of raising the kids.  Yes I know that is worthwhile but I needed something else this month I think.

I have also realised what a yobbo I sound.  Last week while visiting a friend I commented on something and then said the ever popular aussie phrase

” I’m spewin'”

Her hubby, who is a kiwi laughed when she said she was spewing too.  I must admit it didn’t sound right being delivered with an English accent, it lost it’s slang connotation, she almost made it sound civil.

I of course blamed it on My friend from home Gordon.

Gordon was( and still is) one of the closest friends the kids and I had/have in Australia.  He lived across the road from us and spoke like a true aussie, he would greet the boys with

“how ya going mate”

He was quick to lend a hand,  we repaid him with was friendship and the occasional meal.  Now my mum has taken over our role and is benefiting from Gordon’s friendship.

Anyway.  the other reason I brought up the name  of my neighbour is that Will after helping me pull up a HUGE dead lavender bush ( a legacy of a previous tenant) he made the comment of wanting a garden like Gordon’s.  Great now I have to nurture 4 minds give them all the time and space they need to be creative, guide them so they can learn what they need to know and know what the need to learn AND not loose my head when I walk into the kitchen to see the mess of experiment gone wrong,  I also  need to become a prolific gardener, and those who know me know I don’t have a green thumb, or even a toe for that matter.  Hopefully by tomorrow he will forget this aspiration and go back to wanting to dig a hole for the bunny called Christmas.


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