So busy

O.K. I’m not actually busy right this second.  Right this second I am sitting in my pj’s at 11am having my face ripped off by Erik only to have Will come and slap it back on.  But the general feel( in my head ) is that I am busy.

It was Riley’s birthday yesterday so we had a cake in the morning before we left for group.  To do this we first had to make the cake without Will finding out what we were doing.  Of course he found us and had to lend a hand, 5 minutes later the kitchen was covered in gooey choccy cake mix and Will was covered all down the left side of his body,  I have no idea why it was only the left side but anyway we spent the 40 minutes that the cake takes to cook to clean up the mess only to find out that the hot water heater isn’t working ( we are still waiting to hear from the agent) I washed Will in the kitchen sink, after convincing him he can’t wash in the dishwasher.

Finally left for group and had an easy run of it for a change, Will slept most of the way.  When we got there I was tempted to go visit one of Marks friends to get their phone number again, but by this time I needed to sit down and have a drink,it is not that easy carrying a sleeping toddler, a pram,food,water and various other bits up and down the tube steps.  As soon as I sat down to talk Will woke up and that was my rest gone, I spent the next  hours doing whatever Will demanded.  He didn’t want to be there and made sure everyone knew it, he has become a real homebody over the summer break.

We are getting a drama group together at club.  So far 6 people have been interviewed so it isn’t going to be any old mum, it is going to be great (I hope)

The boys had cadets so they got off the tube in town to go to Marks work, he took dinner in with him in so they could eat beforehand.  This is by far the easiest way to do it.  This way The boys get to his work just after 5, have dinner and leave by 6:20, and Mark get to finish up with whatever he is doing ( probably GOOGLING) without leaving early and working from home that night to catch up, they  get to cadets in plenty of time.  if they came home  with me we would basically get home and leave straight away, or hang around  near cadets in a very undesirable town for an hour, neither of these options are appealing.  This way everyone( me,me,me) gets where they need to be on time ( home and in pj’s).

Today is a bit of a relax, then tomorrow the boys have swimming lessons, then we are at a Home ed fair to help out for the afternoon, Sunday we have to get the external hard-drive fixed, Monday Logan has GCSE’s and then we have book club, Tuesday is history club, Wednesday I have booked in a breakdown due to exhaustion and Thursday its back to group.  I can see why parents send their kids to school……. they need the rest.

In between all this I still have 2 issues of Choice to edit, and try and get the boys writing up to scratch( by this I mean legible) and convince Logan the Charles Dickens was not the most boring man that ever lived who wrote crappy books about rubbish that no one cares about.  Apparently there are  2 reasons you can still get his books

1.  the original number of books printed still hasn’t sold out.

2.  the stupid people that bought any copies of his book did so on a dare and are now selling them so they can get rid of them.

She sounds like a potential thug, but she is just going through normal teenage rebellion, not that I say that, because I have NO idea what it’s like to be a teen in today’s society, neither does she as she never leaves the house, I don’t say that either.

AND to top it all off I just realised I left the 3 wheeled   pram that I want to take tomorrow out in the rain.



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