slowing down part 2

It is a total lie the name of this blog there was nothing slow about the weekend, but I am getting there.

On Sunday decided that more room was definitely needed before winter hit and we will be forced to stay home.  The way to this was  to change the conservatory around.  So instead of it being a computer room with a bunch of toys and a couch used to pile the washing on, it would become a  room with a “work station”.  The table that had been housing the computers would become the dinning/work/arts and craft/Sunday morning coffee and paper table, the only problem was to do all this the ugly smelly couch that Mark loves had to go.  After me having a small tantrum about us ( meaning the kids and me) needed space to do things and somewhere to eat that is NOT the lounge-room floor, the couch was relegated to the garage in the hope that one day we will clean it out and have a very cold room for the kids to hang out in.

The kitchen is small and  the round table in there resembled an elephant in a cubourd, we had to move the chairs to get to the fridge.  I have taken that table out and put the computers on it at the end of the conservatory with the windows, it is lovely sitting here looking out at the yard that is green and overgrown with weeds and toys. Now there is a small table for the fruit bowl and a chair for Will to get to the bench, that’s it.  It looks great in there, there is space and we can now see where Logan hasn’t swept.

Last night we ate at the table  amongst candles and flowers , we had 4 lovely children talking to us and they all( even Riley) ate all there dinner.  after the plates were taken Mark and I sat there talking like we used to do in summer  out the back of  our old flat.

The conservatory looks cool( if I do say so myself)   there is heaps of space, its clean  and I love being in here.  So far Will has had 3 meals in here, and everyone he has said

“this is the best dinner/breakfast/lunch ever.”

I think he is more referring to the room, than the food, otherwise the cornflakes I gave him this morning far outweigh the cornflakes I made him yesterday and made him eat in the lounge.

Today instead of taking the kids to their book group I am taking Erik to the dentist.  He is in a small amount of pain because his filling has come out, I am hoping this is the reason he is being absolutely horrible to everyone.  We are having one of those days where I have to try and keep him away from everyone else.  At the moment he is in his room reading star wars comics so i can have a rest.  So far today he has taken the x-box controller and announced that Will is not allowed to touch it, locked Riley in the garage, left Riley when he got stuck in the garage, taken Will’s bubbles and the last one was to take a bite of Wills lunch, Will freaked and that was it, I need him up there for his own safety not  the others.

It looks like we did the conservatory just in time……it has started to rain


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