Slowing down

The Home education fair on Saturday went surprisingly well.  We had a hiccup getting there, as part of the train line wasn’t working so we had to change, normally wouldn’t mind but we took the big pram so Will could nap, this is a great pram and so comfy to push around, it isn’t comfy when you have to carry it up stairs.  The pram weighs 14 kg and so does Will so that is a lot of lifting.  Because of the train delay we got there 50 minutes late, funnily enough that is the exact time Mark said we would get there before we left the house or knew about the line problems.  Whatever time we have to be somewhere we are normally 30-50 minutes late, I think it is a home-ed thing, we are not used to time constraints.

Will was a star he was happy for mark to play with him and he hung out with his friend( It seems so funny talking about a 3 year old “hanging out” with a friend, but there you go) I helped out at a stall, generally chatting to people new to home-ed.  By the end of it I thought my name tag should have said, Yes I home educate 4 kids, it’s not illegal and yes we socialise.  But instead I just said it oer and over again.

When it came time for the workshop I found out that the other lady that was meant to be helping didn’t show up, so it was just me and around 20 parents, thankfully a friend showed up half way so it lightened the load.  That was also the point that Will came tearing across the room saying

“Mummy wotchyadoin'”

Then everytime I tried to say something he kept saying

” ssssshhhhhhh, I’m trying to listen”

thankfully me telling him to go to daddy to get cake did the trick, this has been the first time in months he has left my side.  I think he really liked the fact that his dad came over to his world, the one where there’s me talking to other mums and  there are his friends.  You could see how happy he was doing this family thing.

When it was over I then spent another hour talking to parents new to Home-ed and pairing a few of them off ( not to get rid of them, but helping them make first connections) It felt good to help them find out what they needed, those first few days are hard, you don’t know whether you are doing the right thing, and I did used to worry about the social side of it.

A mum asked when I stopped laying in bed at night worrying about if I did the right thing.  I laughed and said I still do it, I still go to bed some nights worrying about what we did and if it has been “enough” but in my heart I know it has been.  It was more drawn out than that but I wont bore you.

We then decide to walk to the next suburb to see some old friends that we lost contact with.  Standing on the corner arguing over whether we should go to the pub or there house first we saw one of them walk out of the pub to make a phone call.  When we went in the other one was there as well.  We spent a few hours with them, Mark was happy and so was Will,actually Will was hyper-happy,  by this time he had eaten cake and  a lolly pop.  On the way home Will said it was the best day EVER and then fell asleep in the pram that I regretted bringing out.


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