History group

The older ones have taken themselves off to History group today this is because Will has decided that today is the day to wear undies and a blanket

“Like a veggie sausage”

He flat out refused to leave the house today, and after a 15 minute screaming/head-spinning/green pea spewing fit, I decided today would really be a good day for him to stay home.


Needing a shower I got Will to come upstairs ( by this time the kids had left) so we could talk while I scrubbed the crud off. Will looked at me and said

“Where are we going today??”
me: “no where baby , I’m just getting dressed”

Will:” But I want to go see Leslie *”

me: “it’s too late baby the kids have gone”


me :” o.k. we’ll go see her soon”

Will: ” shut your species up”

and he stomped off .

Telling us to shut our species up is a new one for Will . So far the rest of the day has been Will shouting that he wants things that we don’t have.

The dentist was uneventful, Erik got his filling and I was told he need braces. We already new this as his top teeth are crooked. He is fine with the idea because I have been preparing him for this for awhile now. We read an article on how fixing teeth with braces can also help sinus problems, so now he is very eager to get them in the hope that for once his sinuses will finally clear up. He will have to wait for a few years though, he still has all his back teeth to loose.

Now it is time to get my darling baby Will who is just sitting on the couch screaming


too bad he doesn’t really want me, when I go near him he just tells me to go away.

* Leslie is his grown up Friend from group


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