Wednesday part 2

Just after I decided that their was a pyjama day happening, the Lawnmower man came, I don’t really mind them seeing me in my pj’s but I draw the line at them seeing me without a bra on, I have breastfed 4 children so they aren’t as “perky” as they used to be, I raced up stairs and threw clothes on, raced down to talk to them, then realised that I had NO money on me, I convinced the boys to go down the shop to get cash, but I forgot the pin,and gave then one that I now realised I totally made up. I had to ask them to come back later hoping that I would have heard from Mark by then to get the real one. I have since heard from him and he has no idea what it is either..

No science happened in this house today. The reason is simply I was not in the mood to give the kids another thing to try and burn. Erik wanted to burn plastic, I said no, then he said he thought he had a temperature, when he came in so I could check him I couldn’t help noticing all the singed hair!. I gave him a quick hair cut which mresulted in the middle strip of hair being slightly shorter than the rest, this was the most burnt bit, while Will played Dr Who on the computer. About 5 minutes after I came back in Erik started shouting

“Look a fox afox”

sure enough there was a mangy ,dirty fox in the yard, he didn’t look the picture of health that’s for sure. Even though I complain about them getting my garbage and pooing on my lawn, I got a buzz out of seeing one so close. I have now decided we will NOT get a rabbit. At first I thought we could just bring the bunny inside at night but if they are going to come out during the day the poor bunny will have no chance, and I don’t want to come home to a bunny murder scene.

Oh and then Riley did something, He have no idea what, and now has a great big scratch down his cheek.


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