The reason for Wills rotten mood became evident when he fell asleep at 7pm and slept for 12 hours.  I keep forgetting that his little body is still getting use to not having a nap.

So far today we have done maths, ordered our new book club book off Amazon and the boys are in the middle of looking for a science experiment that we can do with what we have in the house.  Will is watching Toy Story 2 upside down, that is the comfy way to do it.

By looking at the kids today you wouldn’t believe they stayed up till midnight watching the LOST double bill. They are all rainbows and light.

I think having a dinning table is definitely working for us. Now we are starting the day of eating together, normally we eat breakfast in  a chaotic fashion, glaring at each other while hunching over our food in  a very “don’t touch me” kinda way.  This morning we sat around the table, yes even Logan, and laughed and talked (about Lost, which I have NO interest in)  and listened to My Chemical Romances new film clip.

I have decided that the above mentioned band is not one of my favorites and said a silent prayer thanking Mark for agreeing to take the kids to it next month.

As for me….

Today I am relaxing,there is no “choice” to get to Leslie, the Home ed fair is done, and the kids have all done there work, apart from  reading.  Erik, who got dressed straight away this morning, has had a bath and put on clean pj’s, I defiantly think today shall be known as


Go forth, spread the word it’s a day of sleep



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2 responses to “Wednesday

  1. Deb

    But how can you spread the word if you’re asleep?

    I’m already in my pyjamas – well, the top half anyway.

  2. I think I’m mostly asleep anyway so for me it will be no problem LOL

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