positive vibes on Friday the 13th

A bunch of us from our Home ed group went to LegolandWindsor, Yesterday, after Mark saying it will take around 1 1/2 by tube,train,bus, zeppelin,etc, it took 3 HOURS, bloody hell 3 hours, travelling with 3 hyper boys, full to the brim with excitement and anticipation of spending the day with friends in a theme park. The trip there was long and arduous. When we finally got to Windsor a lovely mum with a not so lovely toddler ( the kind that is a bit on the chubby side squashed into a stroller, and spits and says “f***” alot ” walked us down to where the shuttle bus stops, wishing us a good day she turned herself and child into the closest McDonald’s.

We realised we missed the shuttle by 5 minutes, and spent the next 25 minutes with the boys trying to scale a blue-stone wall, and sword fighting with invisible swords and Will as spider man shooting his web at passers by. I feel I am a good parent because I have mastered the art of invisibility when out with the boys, I have also mastered the look that says, ” they aren’t really mine you know ”

Anyway after all the fun we they were having I was very happy to see the shuttle come round the bend, that was till I saw the price of the shuttle , £3.50 one way. I looked at the side and at the driver and said,

” is that the real price ”

” Sure is love”

” Oh my God, How far is it to walk”

” Ha ha, look seein’ as your the only one here give us a fiver and we’ll call it even”

” A fiver each for the return ??”

” Na a fiver all up, I’ll remember your face and I’m the only driver so you wont have to worry”

” Thank you so much.”

We handed over our money and sat feeling relieved, that we are nearly there. The next stop around 30 people were waiting, the driver looked at us in the rear view and said

” ya lucky love, I wouldn’t have been able to do that if you were at this stop ”

See 2 positive things on Friday 13th, I sat there saying a silent prayer to God,Angels, mother earth and any Deity i could think of.

As soon as we walked in the gate the boys bolted, while I screamed

Will and I walked around for 1 hour going on rides and looking at Lego and looking for the boys who have also developed invisibility powers of there own.

We all met for lunch ( minus kids over the age of 5 ) and spent the rest of the afternoon strolling around the park talking about life, babies, breastfeeding, and bikini lines.

With a strict order of

1. stay in a group

2. meet at 4:30pm at the front

Riley managed to run off from the group sending us all into a panic because NO ONE could find him. He finally amble up the hill at 5:20, the last shuttle is at 5:30 so by the time we walked out the gate there was a few minutes to spare and 50+ people waiting for the shuttle.

The long journey was made slightly bearable by travelling with a friend for most of it. on the last tube we had to get of so Will could wee and jump back on the next one where the boys promptly fell asleep for the hour long journey. Riley woke up very easy, because he fell of the seat , his body felt revived from his power nap, Erik on the other hand would not wake up, I was standing there giving him a shake and a nudge when he opened his eyes said “hi” stood walked down the other end of the carriage and went back to sleep now we were spread out through out the carriage. I managed to get everyone of the train and stumbling to the bus stop, Will was sound asleep in the pram wrapped in a coat, we waited around 2 minutes ( see another positive ) Erik fell straight back to sleep a the back of the bus like a vagrant, so I grabbed him and made him stand up just before our stop to wake up.

When we walked in Erik, for reasons known only to himself in the land of nod, lit all the candels in the conservatory and went to bed.

Will stayed asleep and woke this morning in bed, looked around and exclaimed

” It’s morning time! How did we get here”

I want to be 3 and have that happen to me.


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