St John’s Photo

st-johns-016.jpg  we wanted to get  a nice photo of the boys in the St Johns Ambulance cadet uniforms.  Sunday was the perfect day there was sun there were willing boys and there was a Mark to take the photo while I held Will out of shot.  I think we took 18 photos and all of them were crappy.  The kind when one smiles and one has their tongue sticking out, or they are doing a weird grimace because the sun is in their eyes.  This photo was the last one taken.  I had given up on trying to keep Will out of shot and the boys started play fighting, but this photo sums up the boys so well.

The boys are mucking around and laughing, which is what they do a million times a day, and Will is just there being cheeky, we are where we always are, in the background watching and waiting for it to go to far.


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