I have not been on line for so long my fingers have forgotten where the keys are.

I have started knitting again, my nan taught me when I was younger but I only really do it when there is a small child to knit for( small meaning Will mum so relax), I much prefer to sew. I don’t have a sewing machine or over-locker here and my mind was becoming bored so I bought some alpaca wool from John Lewis and made myself a cardie. it is a lovely Rowan Classic pattern that has a Llama motif all around it.  The Cardie was easy but I amover graph work for awhile.  Then I started a hat for Will, it has ear-flaps and is so very cute, but, it has a fish motif all around the edge, I really really can’t face another graph at the moment so I might make a hat for Logan out of some black and purple angora I found at an oppie the other day.

We celebrated Guy Fawkes night twice on the weekend.  Once at Marks Friends house and once at our house.

At S* we had a great view as he is in a penthouse so we could see the fireworks all the way to Alexandra Palace, The noise was what we imagined the London blitz might sound like from a bomb shelter, minus the screams and buildings falling.  Will had a great time.  He hasn’t seen fireworks so he thought it was a bit magical.  Plus S* and his 2 friends don’t have kids so they were very attentive to our lot.   it is good to watch them interact with other adults, they can hold a conversation an even crack a joke, not that I thought they were incapable of it, it’s just most of the adults they talk to are from H.E. so they have that in common or they are friends with their child so they have that.  This was one of the first times they interacted with adults outside of  our little “community”.  Thinking about it later I realised that Mark and I move in different communities and they don’t often cross. 

I move with the Home education lot, we hang out with kids and talk about attachment parenting, politics and a good way to get kids reading, it  involves coffee and relaxing while discussing weapons of mass destruction or the best time to wean a baby off the boob. 

Marks community involves spread sheets and flow charts, it means being one of the “boys” and having a beer after work, it means words that I’m sure he has made up but some very colorful graphs that Will likes to draw on.  At the end of they day we sometimes manage to leave our groups and meet up and sometimes we don’t.  This weekend we did manage it, we managed to come together and it has been a lovely weekend, instead of dropping the kids here and there we went out as a family and it was great.

Last night we did  fire works in our yard.  I  explained that we would do them after dinner as it will be very dark then, but Will doesn’t get waiting ( he is 3 after all) and kept going to the door saying

” But isn’t this dark enough, I’m not hungry for dinner tonight”

As soon as the sun started to set the sky’s exploded, Mark took the kids down the road to look at fire works on the green while I sat finishing my cardie.  Then we all went outside to add to the display.  Will loved the sparklers, I think he liked the idea that we were letting him touch something that was set alight a moment before.

And today is Monday yet again, Logan is off to GCSE’s and the boys and I are off to the market to  get veggies, then back home to do maths and history and a science experiment that doesn’t involve blowing things up from a pocket science book.  I just hope I can get the boys to agree to the NOT blowing things up part


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