It gets better

Erik had another explosive day , half way through it he exploded

“I hate this family, it’s shit”

I can’t remember when swearing became acceptable in this house. 

I sat there with him ranting and screaming and when he was spent I just held him and talked to him, since then he has been great.  There was so much anger in there and he couldn’t get it out any other way.  My heart bleeds for him and I wish there was someway I could take over his pain.  He is only 11 and is trying to deal with emotions that he can’t identify let alone deal with.  Mark has decided to step up on the step-dad role and is taking them out on the weekend to do “dangerous Boy” stuff.  I don’t even want to know what that means.

Will has been his usual cute self and gave Mark a running commentary on his poo this morning, it kinda went like this

Will: ” No, No, said the poo, I don’t want to come out.  It is nice and warm up here in my bum.

“Ah wait I’m coming out

” AAAHHHHH I’m in the toilet in the water

” that’s better now I have room for pasta and cheese”

Wills diet at one stage was pasta and cheese and hummus sandwiches, Yesterday I was thinking how great it is now he eats more variety.  Will with his psychic abilities, read my mind and will only eat pasta and cheese again. This might have something to do with the late night shopping trip we did yesterday( o.k. it wasn’t that late but it felt like it to me) normally I do shopping on line and get it delivered after 8pm when Wills asleep, the only worse thin than taking Will shopping is him “helping” the delivery man one item, then wanting to sit in the middle of the shopping to “help” open EVERYTHING.  Anyway, I waited for Mark as my back is no better and he could push Will around in the trolley.  The problem was that we kept stopping next to things we never get, like those cheese dipper things and ready meals, all those things with preservatives and E numbers, Will kept pointing saying

” OH I love that, its my favorite, can we get it??”

so far Wills favorites include

Weight Watches tuna bake

string cheese


those dipper thingies

Pot noodles

I can only remember the ones that weren’t a funny choice for a 3 year old, well except the anchovies, but the point was they are things we never buy, never in a million years.  I’m not a health nut, I love chocolate, but I know what certain preservatives and E numbers do to Will and Riley so we don’t go there.  When we stopped at the pasta aisle Will’s little eyes lit up and he was speechless, all the pasta, all the choices.  We came home with 6 bags of pasta, and a soon to be very constipated little boy ( too much dairy and Will don’t mix)

Oh well my turn on the computer is at an end gotta go and rescue the hamster from Will


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