After a morning with Erik at his finest I took Will and Riley to group after telling Erik he can turn up later if he wants to, I knew we needed a bit of time apart before there was blood shed.  He turned up 1 hour later and gave me a hug told me he loved me and went to hang out with his friends( at 11 they don’t “play” anymore, they “hang out” ) Will slept for 2 1/2 hours and then got up ate, had a wee and took off running to play with his friends.  Group has become a pleasure to go to now that he doesn’t scream for the first hour we get there, he is slowly starting to build up a list of places he is happy to go, we now have Group, Marks work , Tesco and the newsagents down the hill, I am feeling less house bound.

At 5:30 I dragged the boys away so they could get to cadets on time, when we were nearly at Marks work Will announced to the Whole train he needed to Poo now, we got some alarmed looks and a few people inched away thinking he was filling his pants as he spoke. So we jumped off and headed in.  The crowd was so thick that I lost Riley and thinking he forged ahead I just kept walking.  When we got to the front desk at Marks work but  security said Riley had already gone up, but seems as the desk just closed we had to go next door to get in.  By this time I’m starting to get worried that Mark hasn’t come down to get us, if he knows Riley’s here he knows we are too.  Just as I was arguing with security,  for some reason when I said

“I’m here to see Mark S*, I’m his wife”,

 he heard

 ” I’m here for the function, is there childcare??”

Then Mark walked around the corner , minus Riley.


At the same time  a guy opened the door saying there was a blonds girl looking for her dad


He had gotten stuck in the crowd as well but being a good boy stayed there looking for us instead of walking off, like I did.

The boys got to Cadets on time, and  Mark and I caught the bus home with a very awake Will.  After some wind down time I lay Will down to sleep, only I fell asleep and he got back up to watch T.V. with Mark.  I think he staggered up to bed around 10:30

I have also volunteered ( gulp) to take charge of our groups Library.  We have books everywhere, and have no idea where they are or what we have.  Mark and I are going to do a catalogue so we know what we have and what we want to get, But it seems we have bitten off more than we can chew, I was told some books were at someones house but when I talked to them they had NO idea what I was talking about.   I was told we have hundreds of books, great, where are they?? no one knows.  Lucky Mark likes to drive around, because I think we will be doing a bit of it for the next few weekends


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