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Rileys New HAIR CUT!!!

Rileys New Haircut

can be seen at flickr. For some reason it wont let me upload it on to the blog. Now we have no more tantrums about knotty greasy hair. Once again life is sweet



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Where have the days gone??

It has been ages since I have got near this computer for more than 5 minutes, so this might be a brief catch up or a lengthy chat who’s to say at the moment.

We have been pottering around the house as we have all been sick for the last month and a bit.

I has a sinus infection

Then one by one the older kids got the flu, so we would have  a sick kid for 5 days and just when they got over it the next one would come down with it, what joy.

Will developed Croup, again, along with a high temperature.  After treating him with Belladonna and Aconite for this his cough went very very deep, by that time we hadn’t slept in 3 nights and Will ( who is never a good patient)  had stopped moving around and would just sit on the couch crying.  After a stop in town at Neils Remedies I met a wonderful lady who gave me the name of a Homeopath that lives right around the corner from me.  Then she gave me some advice on what to get for myself as I must have looked bad.   That might have had something to do with not sleeping the night before, I didn’t see the point as Will was waking every 20 minutes coughing and crying, so I stayed up and finished knitting his Jumper.  By the time I got to Neils Yard I was nearly in tears I was that tired, Wills temp had spiked on the way there and he was just whimpering in the stroller.

The Homeopath is Wonderful I could have talked to her for hours,  I explained my concerns about Will getting Croup ofter ( 5 times in 13 months is not a good thing) and she began treating him with something to gt deeply into the lungs, similar to what would be used for TB, it has been a week and he is really good now.  Before the Croup would go but leave him with a persistent cough for weeks, that cough is all but gone, between that and all the praying I have done the last 2 weeks he is a different little boy.

I also talked to her about Wills anxieties and how I have been treating them

( Pulsatilla) but it hasn’t been working.  She pulled up his astrological chart and explained Will to a “T”.  I’m taking Ed to see her next week to help with his sinuses and his anger issues ( yes they are still ongoing)

Mark now has the Flu and wont take any remedies for it, he like us all to suffer, he has also run out of Ventolin and for some reason wont go to the doctor to get more.  last night we were up till midnight with him Wheezing, coughing and getting about 50% of the oxygen he needs, all the while he had  me saying

” Just call an Ambulance”

But he didn’t and he is still alive, well he is on the cough and I just saw him move so I know he’s alive.

We have almost all the Chrissy shopping done the rest I will do next week when Mark has gone up north to his dads, I will be dragging 4 kids shop to shop trying to get the last bits, aren’t I the lucky one.

Education-wise; it has been a bit of hit or miss lately, actually more miss that hit.  We have been doing craft and history and I am still in a fight to get the boys reading regularly, forget about writting and maths.  By the time I have Will and  Mark sorted, the boys have run of laughing manically over something and I am too tired to chase them.  Since Wills bout with croup and not sleeping I got into the habit of staying up later than normal, since Will was sick he has gotten into the habit of waking up earlier than usual so some night I get 6 hours sleep others I get 4, I have to sort this out soon as I am becoming snappy and fed up, I am desperate for time to myself.

Will has also been learnign the art of an argument.  The other day Riley and will were playing around when Ed said something to Riley ans Riley had a sook ( whats new ) When Will went to start playing riley said

” Don’t Will I hate that game”

Will booted Riley an When Riley  started to dob Will shot back with

” Well it’s yoru fault you said you hate me and I wanted to hurt you coz you hurt my feeling”Now even though I don’t want him hurting the boys I was impressed with his argument.


Now Will says it about everything.  Yesterday he pushed his small chair onto Logan and when I told him not to he said

” Well it was her fault, she was walking and she was angry so she put the chair on herself.”

Logan had been sitting on the floor the whole time playing sonic.

Now Will first argument has become Wills new attempts at telling tales.

OH the joy of a toddler

Merry Christmas

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