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The Lurgies

It has been ages since I got near the computer for longer than a toilet break for Will.  We ( meaning Will and I ) have been sick for over a month now.  Before Christmas Will had croup then it went down hill from there really, everything he got he gave to me and everything I got I gave to him.  So far it has been

Croup, I skipped this one but Mark didn’t


croup reared its ugly head again

head cold

low grade temp

Will has also developed a wonderful condition which results in him getting a temperature and a general unwell feeling for 24 hours if we go out and it is a bit too cold for him.  He spent most of last week witha  temp on and off.  You can watch the temp creep up on him as he goes silly before it happens, then the eyes glaze and the cheeks burn, the silly part is hysterical to watch, he says the funniest things and pulls faces.  Well it was fun to watch the first few times till we saw the pattern emerge of


glazed eyes

red cheeks

blazing temp

then we started to dread the silly part and watched him like a hawk for anything that was  OTT.  At the moment he hasn’t had a temp in 2 days and is looking good.

We haven’t really been up to anything this part month because of illness and my  recent obsession in knitting socks.  I have never knitted sock they were a “no go” area to me.  Any pattern that said “double pointed needle” or “circular needle” just got skipped over.  But towards November I was desperate to learn something new.  I spend so much time leading the kids to learn new things that I wanted a turn, so I sat and taught myself how to make socks.

The first few pairs averages 3 socks to a pair.  I would make one then start on the second realizing all the mistakes I made with the first, I would then have to pull the first one out and remake it.  I know want to learn how to do toe up socks and also how to knit 2 socks at once.

Logan is teaching herself Finnish and is getting good at it, some time this week I am going into town to get her a disc and book set to really help her along.

Erik is doing the GCSE course with Leslie, it is a bit much for him but he enjoys hanging out with the other boys who he hangs out with on a Thursday.  He also needed stronger glasses as his eyes have gotten worse over the last few years.  He chose a very grown up pair and looks very mature in them.

Riley is Riley he does what I ask and is always a happy boy.  He is working hard on his interactive farm and Neopets, his reading is dragging along slowly like always.

Will has taken a dislike to clothes and only wears pyjamas.  that’s it PJ’s and gumboots and a coat if we got out,  or PJ’s and big fluffy blanket if we go out in the pram.  It would be good if it cut down on washing but he has “costume changes” at least 6 times a day.


It snowed last week.

We were all out side at 7am making snow balls to throw at each other.  The snow covering wasn’t great here so the boys went to the green at the end of the road and rolled snow up and down to make some big balls to make a snow man for Will who ceremoniously put the carrot in the snow mans face.  I took Will for a walk to the shops as I felt it was a hot chocolate day and the boys brought the snow mans head home and put it in the front yard, like a reminder to all other snowmen int he street that this too could happen to them.

For the next few days we used the head as an indication to how cold it was out side.  I would look out the window in the morning to see how much it had melted so I knew if the temp had risen at all. Saturday, for the first time ever, I went out with only Logan for the day.  When we got home I  remarked that it must be allot warmer as the head had finally melted, then ed informed me that he was sick of seeing it so he and Riley threw it at each other.At least they had fun.


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