Its all about Will

I know I have 4 children who all do various amazing things and I always write about Will, but he is at that age you see, that funny exploring his identity age and I am in awe of him and it.

At the moment he doesn’t get dressed, ever, he wears his pj’s all the time and when we go out he wraps himself in a blanket to keep warm, the closest we have gotten to clothes is a jacket and gumboots the other day when it snowed ( the pictures are on flickr) that’s it.   He will disappear upstairs for mere minutes and come back down with a clean pair on, as the old ones will have a drop of yogurt on the sleeve, or worse some water.  It is my job to them go up stairs and sort them out to work out which top and pants he just had on,several of his PJ’s are similar but you CANNOT interchange tops and bottoms, if this is done be ready for HOURS of screaming, then I have to wash them and put them back in the heap ready for the next costume change.  I thought it would mean less washing with him not wearing clothes anymore but I was wrong, he can go thru 5 pairs in a day and by the end of it want the original ones back on, it has become never ending.

His other little foible is food.  At the moment all he will eat in

Pasta and Cheese

Hummus sandwiches with no crust cut into triangles, not squares, definitely not squares, batten down the hatches if you give him squares

Oats mixed with red yogurt, only red, it can be strawberry, raspberry,, cherry, or any other red yogurt, it is not allowed to be any other color.

We are going thru 6 tubs of yogurt a day, today I didn’t have the right yoghurt and he refused to eat till I found a tub of hummus in the fridge, crisis averted.

And out of the million plastic  toys he has he is ( at the moment) only playing with one Power Ranger, it isn’t even a Power Ranger, it is one of the animal Zords that run thru the town to make a big Power Ranger Robot thing.  He Carry’s it everywhere and sings

Go Go Power Rangers

do do do do dooo

Go Go Power Rangers

You are not allowed to add to the song or join in any part put

do do do do dooo

I don’t remember the older kids EVER being this much hard work


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One response to “Its all about Will

  1. Linda Keenan

    Hi Mardi,
    Many long hard days with the master of the house

    Love Mum

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