Fat Fighters

I have become lazy since we came back to the U.K.  It is not as nice walking around here as it is walking the  Beach tracks near our old house, so I have become a recluse to an extent ( Will has played a big part in that as well) So I wasn’t surprised to see my clothes not fitting anymore. I have tried walking again but with the colds and flu’s that have been going on it has been hard to find motivation, plus Will weighs a tonne in the pram now, it is seriously hard work pushing him around.  Last week I brought an exercise DVD.(When I was younger I remember saying to a  friend if I EVER buy an exercise DVD or self help book shoot me, well now I have both), and I decided today is the day to start on the DVD.

After dragging out the morning with games and knitting I Finally got motivated enough to put it in.  I am absolutely knackered.  I had an hour of exercise, fighting while exercising and a heap of help from Will.  At one point I knocked him over as he spent the first 10 minutes ( the warm up) running around me in circles.  Then I punched Ed as he thought Will looked like he was having too much fun and wanted to join in.  When I tried to do squats Will would dive under my legs and run around the back off my to do it all again. 

I yelled at Riley to put a game on a  computer game for Will so I could finish off in peace ( hahaha)

Will came back when I was doing lunges and would try to lift my leg off the ground, by the time I was up to crunches I wanted to throw Will and the DVD out the window, why??, because every-time I put my head down from a crunch Will sat on my head saying

“Smell it, you love it”

At the time Mark taught him that we all thought it was funny, now not so much.

Riley joined me at the end of the workout and is now trying to do it by himself, Will is doing everything that he did to me to Riley, with the added bonus of throwing cushions and blankets at him.  I just went in to tell him to knock it off and Will was standing there with a cushion in his hand, taking aim saying

“I did not do it mummy, I did not ”

hmmm I wonder why I don’t believe him.

On  pj note for Will.

 He got up during the night to change his pj’s last night.  He woke at 2 am and said

” I need my Power Ranger Jammie’s”

He put them on, I asked if he needed to wee, he said no and went straight back to sleep.  This morning he was surprised that he had them on, he had NO IDEA that he changed.


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One response to “Fat Fighters

  1. Linda Keenan

    Hi Mardi,

    I don’t think you need to exercise as Will keeps you on the go.

    Love you

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