We are on our way to OZ

Hi, we will be landing in Melbourne after a 30 hour flight which sees us stopping in 2 American ports, which will involve us taking ourselves thru customs to be asked by a US customs official,

“Could you please tell us why you are in
America today and how long are you intending to be here?”

They don’t like to make it easy.  Then when we make it past them we get to get our luggage, to check it in again and go thru customs again.  All with 4 children who by this time will be extremely sleep deprived and will only answer to vague threats about being thrown off the plane, all of this will be said in hushed tones otherwise we will be arrested for terrorist/anti-American threats to the airline.  I will by then have gone past threats and am onto begging

“Please don’t say anything about the twin towers” (Riley like to ask questions about this to any American he talks to)

“Please stop unpacking we are not there yet”

“Please shut up”

“Please, please shut up”

“If this continues you are not my child and I’ll leave you here without a passport or ticket home.”

Once back on the plane I will play musical chairs while holding all 5 dinner trays and Will as that is the only time to go to the loo.  All this while Will shout loudly, in no order

-he hates planes

-there are chemicals in the water, (seriously this is his new one, and soon he will be wearing a foil hat talking about aliens listening in)

– He doesn’t want to go to the beach and get his bathers wet

-that I am a bum head

– I am also a pooh face

Plus I will have 3 other children fighting over who sits where, Logan is the favourite to sit next to, Logan is cool and laughs and wants to talk.

 I want the flight to be over, to have flown in a cone of silence, I don’t want anyone to talk to me EVER again, I don’t want to




Walk up and down

Admit I have children

Yes soon we will have braved the flight to land in OZ, we’ll see you all soon.

Love Mardi



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