11 months ago

This time 11 months ago we were packing our bags to come back to the U.K. With no help from the older kids and Will throwing everything out of already packed suitcases it was a stressful time.  That and the fact that 4 days before we were due to go I lost Logan’s passport, we had to sift through the rubbish, unpack boxes and suitcases, it was  a very stressful few hours, that was until I realised that it was in my handbag so as not to be lost……haha

Now we are getting ready to go and I did it again, I lost Logans passport.  The kids have been as much help as the first time, i.e. none at all

Erik has slept at a friends so he doesn’t get in the way- thanks

Riley has locked himself upstairs so as not to get in the way- again thanks

Logan doesn’t want to help as no money will exchange hands-  once again thanks

They are normally pretty good at chores BUT packing is not a chore, you don’t get paid to do it, you just get yelled at because you don’t need to take EVERYTHING YOU OWN on a holiday

The boys packed things I have not seen since last year, they must think it is time for the clothes to migrate once again.  I can understand why they don’t want to help, and a small part of me really appreciates the fact that they are trying to cause me less stress, really.


They could look after Will who keeps unpacking EVERYTHING, He just climbed into a bag and started to throw  the clothes out  so there would be room for him.

I did buy him a ticket, honest.


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