Its not even been 2 weeks

………………..And things are back to normal.

The boys have been fighting over the xbox ( now put away)

Logan spent the morning on the computer, then went to the library, then wanted to go back on the computer, when I pointed out that she had been on it long enough and should go and read she replied with

“But all the books I got are boring ”

Riley is , for some reason, wondering around wearing only a towel

Erik is doing I don’t know what but it alternated between him stopping to stare at me when I walk past (he’s in the lounge-room so I’m not too worried) and wandering the house.

As for me I was wondering if it was too early , and sad , to have a drink of red wine at 1pm.

The Highlight

Walking halfway to the shop before realising I still had my pj bottoms on under my dress.


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