We’re back

After a very long 6 months visiting family and friends we are home!!!

The first week is a  blur of jet-lag fueled days. 

 After 5 days of being zombies, we decided a day in Camden is just what we all needed.  When we lived not too far from Camden ( pre Will) we use to ride bikes along the canal to the Lock to get lunch or get the water taxi when the weather wasn’t so great.  The kids would be bouncing around the barge with water not quite reaching the windows looking at the ducks and playing at pirates, I used to alternate between reading ( ha) and dragging little boys back in the window.

Now we live in the ‘burbs so Camden is a bus and 2 tube rides away, so it isn’t really a spur of the moment thing to do, so you think we would have checked the weather forecast.  I blame Mark for not doing it, he was the one that is level headed and always checks the weather.  Needless to say last Friday he didn’t.

And it rained

and rained

Will, who refused to get dressed thought all his dreams had come true and was walking around like a drowned rat.  The whole time in Australia he refused to leave the house when it rained, totally refused,to the point I was imagining a very long winter for me.  But that was a holiday “thing” he is back to the rain loving child I am used to.

Anyway, after several hours of walking up and down aisles that all looked the same, Mark suggested he would sit somewhere dry and get Will chips while I took Logan to look at a shop.

“Why don’t you take Will home ” I said “We shouldn’t be much longer ”

” No, we’ll wait for you”

So I sludged off in the rain with Logan and Erik, Riley wanted to come then changed his mind.

” go back to dad”  I said

Now here’s the problem, Mark had decided to go home after all and not tell anyone.

So Logan,Erik and Me wandered around for 20 minutes, on our way back to where I thought Mark  was, I saw a very worried looking Riley, who burst into tears when he was us. 

Mark was not where he said he would be.

So now there are 4 very wet jet-lagged people wandering around Camden, we couldn’t ring Mark because he forgot his phone, and I didn’t want to leave Camden when he could be wondering around with Will looking for us, also thinking Mark had the keys I didn’t want to be stuck out in the rain waiting.

After 1 hour Logan and Erik said they will go home and if Mark is there they would call me ( I had a phone).  Riley and I kept walking around waiting for them to ring. 

after another 40 minutes I had had enough, and admitted defeat, I was wet up to my knees and  bone tired.

The train trip home was horrendous I couldn’t stop wondering  where my baby ( Will, not Mark) was, and if he was OK.  At the bus stop I was really getting frantic and told Riley we would go home, break into the house,somehow, then I would go back to Camden to find Will and Mark. 

 It was right at that point that I realised I had the house keys. 

By the time Riley and I turned the corner to our street there were 3 very wet people on our tiny doorstep.  Erik had gone  in through the neighbours to see if he could fit through the conservatory window, which he couldn’t, the neighbour had to go to work and so Erik was stuck in the yard with  no shelter at all.

We all got in, got dry and swapped Camden war stories over a very much needed Indian take away.


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